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English Title: Trafalgar ~Nelson, His Love and Miracle~ / Funky Sunshine
Japanese Title: TRAFALGAR(トラファルガー)-ネルソン、その愛と奇跡-/ファンキー・サンシャイン
Romanized Title: TRAFALGAR -Neruson, Sono Ai to Kiseki- / Fankii Sanshain

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2010
Performances: Grand Theater, 05/21 - 06/21; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 07/09 - 08/08
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Grand Theater, 06/08; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 07/29


Based On: The historical love affair between Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton
Author / Director: Saitou Yoshimasa
Composer: Terashima Tamiya, Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Wakao Risa, AYAKO
Conductor (Takarazuka): Ooyagi Yasushi
Conductor (Tokyo): Nishino Jun
Shinjin Kouen Director: Saitou Yoshimasa

Funky Sunshine:

Author / Director: Ishida Masaya
Composer: Bob Sakuma, Teshima Kyouko, Onodera Shiwa, Nakao Tarou
Choreographer: Wakao Risa, Ai Erina, Iga Yuuko, KAZUMI-BOY
Conductor (Takarazuka): Kiyokawa Tomomi
Conductor (Tokyo):

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 08/05/10)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: None


RoleCastShinko Cast
Horatio Nelson (a famous commander, the pride of the British Royal Navy)Oozora Yuuhi Sorahane Riku
Emily "Emma" Hamilton (William Hamilton's wife)Nono Sumika Sumireno Rei
Napoleon Bonaparte (the Emperor of France, intends to conquer Europe)Ranju Tomu Aizuki Hikaru
William Hamilton (British ambassador to Naples)Hokushou Kairi Houju Ichi
Josephine Bonaparte (Napoleon's wife)Itsumine Aki Kotoha Sakurako
Samuel Hood (a British naval admiral)Kotobuki Tsukasa Kazahane Reia
Queen Maria Carolina (the Queen of Naples)Suzuna Saya Mikage Rin
Lady Cadogan (Emma's mother)Mikaze Maira Chisuzu Mayu
King Ferdinand (the King of Naples)Amou Tamaki Tenrei Mion
Thomas Hardy (a British naval captain, devoted to Nelson)Yuumi Hiro Sumiki Sayato
Sir John Jarvis (Nelson's superior officer)Suzu Haruki Tsukie Juma
Edmund Nelson (Nelson's father)Kazari Jin Koumi Maito
Prince William Henry (the Prince of England)Toki Irisu Amaki Tonika
Pauline (Napoleon's younger sister)Oomi Ako Kanon Mai
Frances "Fanny" Nelson (Nelson's wife)Hanakage Arisu Fujisaki Eri
Lucien Bonaparte (Napoleon's younger brother and valued confidante)Harukaze Misato Fuuma Kakeru
Albert Perry (a British naval officer)Houshou Dai Hoshizuki Rio
Millie (a servant in the Nelson house)Ayane Raira Chisa Reina
Aurelie Byron (a young man who works for Napoleon)Hasumi Yuuya Hoshibuki Ayato
Tom Allen (Nelson's manservant)Nagina Ruumi Sakuragi Minato
Giuseppina Grassini (the prima donna of La Scala)Junya Chitose Momochi Ito
Teresa (a dancer at La Scala)Maiki Ayumi Maika Kurumi
Caroline (Napoleon's younger sister)Aihana Chisaki Hanasato Mana
Julian Castillo (a British naval officer)Nanami Hiroki Haruse Ouki
Barras (executive leader of the French Directory)Houju Ichi Mitsuki Haruka
Sonia (Queen Maria Carolina's servant)Kotoha Sakurako Yumeri Miko † 
Talleyrand (Napoleon's underling)Kazahane Reia Matsukaze Akira
Fouché (Minister of Police for the French Directory)Koumi Maito Amakaze Ibuki
Gisella (a servant in the Hamilton house)Fujisaki Eri Ayase Akina
Sieyès (a member of an anti-Barras faction)Tenrei Mion Mirei Jun
Maria Henrietta (the Princess of Naples)Ayase Akina Aishiro Moa
Horatia (Emma's daughter)Sumireno Rei Yumesuzu Rian
Cornelius (a member of the French artillery regiment)Tsukie Juma Kagami Seiya
Mathieu (an officer in the French National Convention)Hoshibuki Ayato Asao Ren
Auguste Valmont (an adjutant in the French artillery regiment)Sorahane Riku Kazami Keito
Josiah (Fanny's son, an officer cadet)Aizuki Hikaru Nanao Maki

Other Cast: Hanatsuyu Sumika, Himiya Sakura, Miyabi Ouka, Nanase Ririko, Seoto Risa, Yuino Kanari, Yukino Kokomi, Sakurane Rei, Hanasaki Airi, Aisaki Maria, Sakihana Riho, Ayaka Mari, Suzuka Maya, Mamiya Ryouko, Reimi Urara, Rumi Jun

†  Due to poor health, Yumeri Miko was absent during the Tokyo run from July 17th - 24th.




~Nelson, His Love and Miracle~

It is the late 18th century, and the great powers of Europe are engaged in a fierce struggle for control of the seas. Horatio Nelson, commander of Britain's Royal Navy, claims many feats of valor as he employs his own distinctive tactics that provide him with victory in a number of naval battles.

Toulon is a French port town occupied by the navies of Britain and Spain. The armies of the two countries, which support the Royalists, are locked in a tough battle against the troops of France's National Convention, a Republican group struggling to contain a Royalist street rebellion. In the end, victory goes to the Republican troops. But during the siege, Horatio's tactics stand out. The powerful strikes unleashed by Horatio deliver a harsh blow to Napoleon Bonaparte, commander of the artillery for the National Convention army. From this day on Horatio and Napoleon, separated by the Strait of Dover, are fated to be rivals.

Five years have passed since the siege of Toulon. The British army wins a decisive victory against the French in a battle for the Nile at the bay of Abu Qir in northern Egypt. Horatio returns to London, where large excited crowds wait to greet him as a hero. But with barely time to rest, Horatio is given his next mission. The destination is Naples. At the battle of Toulon, the state of Naples, a friend of Britain, pours in huge numbers of reinforcements so as not to be daunted by pressure from France. An offensive by Napoleon — the likes of which have now become famous throughout Europe — results in attacks taking place throughout all of Italy. Horatio rushes to Naples, bringing with him his aide Thomas and assistant Tom in order to sustain the support from Naples, which is indispensable for his Mediterranean fleet.

Sir William Hamilton, Britain's ambassador to Naples is a longtime friend of Horatio. The naval commander attends a dinner party at the Embassy, also attended by the King of Naples. In short order, he asks William for continued support for Britain. William, aware of Naples' situation, answers that the King cannot be expected to give his consent to such a request. At that point, Emma, the wife of William, makes an appearance. Sensing a troubled, unhappy mood between the two men, she invites Horatio to dance. The naval commander is taken aback by Emma's uninhibited behavior, while also being entranced by her vibrant and cheerful nature.

Horatio doesn't heed William's warning, and when he eventually receives an audience with Naples' King Ferdinand, he pleads for continued support for Britain so that the two countries can together crush the French. But the King, who is in the shadow of Napoleon, gives an answer that is distinctly discouraging. Helping a despondent Horatio are the actions of a quick-witted Emma. She happens to be on friendly terms with Queen Carolina, the real person with the power. Emma puts a good word in for on Horatio. Carolina, who is deeply touched by Horatio's zeal, gives her ready consent to support Britain. Horatio, who has just accomplished his duty in magnificent fashion thanks to Emma, expresses his heart-felt gratitude to her. Both in a state of elation, they impulsively grab each others' hands. The warmth of their hands on top of each other becomes a sensation they will never forget.

After France abolishes its monarchy system, members of its nobility are marched off to the guillotine one after another. A bloodthirsty Republican regime takes shape. Napoleon assumes the post of Chief Administrator, the highest administrative position in the French Republic, after his predecessor had used the position to line his own pockets with money from the citizens' taxes. To his wife Josephine he declares his desire — to single-handedly obtain everything. In the process, his zeal for the conquest of Europe is lifted higher.

In Naples the citizens, having been stirred by the people's revolution that occurred in France, foment a civil war against the monarchy. Horatio observes the dangerous situation in Naples, and he asks another close friend, England's Prince Henry, for permission to allow the navy to set sail. Wishing to avoid any danger, Henry refuses the request. Horatio calls together a secret gathering of officers and sailors in order to respond to the favors granted by Carolina and Emma. He heads off for Naples.

The country has been driven into an extreme state of chaos. Horatio, who manages to rescue the Royal Couple, goes out on the streets to help Emma, who has become separated from her husband William. Feelings of passion well up inside both of them after they succeed in being reunited. Emma then reveals the real reason why she is married to William. Once betrothed to William's nephew, she was bought by William for 5,000 pounds as security for a loan taken out by the nephew. Meanwhile, the relationship between Horatio and his wife Fanny has developed a serious rift.

Aware that theirs is a forbidden love, Horatio and Emma nonetheless develop a warm relationship. Together with the Queen of Naples, the couple is able to escape to Palermo. Their intimacy starts to become known, to the point of causing offense to William. Meanwhile in France, Napoleon is starting his plot to suppress the British homeland as a finale to his subjection of Europe.

Grand Show

Funky Sunshine

Scene 1: Opening / Solar Power

Sunshine Boy S - Oozora Yuuhi
Sunshine Girl S - Nono Sumika
Sunshine Boy A - Ranju Tomu
Sunshine Girl A - Hanakage Arisu
Sunshine Boy (Horus) - Hokushou Kairi
Louis XIV - Kotobuki Tsukasa
Amaterasu - Suzuna Saya
Incan God - Mikaze Maira
Surya - Kazari Jin

Scene 2: The Sun Gang

Yūzō - Ranju Tomu
Yuriko - Hanakage Arisu
Louis XIV - Kotobuki Tsukasa
Amaterasu - Suzuna Saya
Incan God - Mikaze Maira
Surya - Kazari Jin

Scene 3: Sunflowers

Scene 3A

Weather Reporter - Oozora Yuuhi
Weather Forecaster - Nono Sumika
Cameraman (Horus) - Hokushou Kairi

Scene 3B

Young Man of Sunflowers S - Oozora Yuuhi
Young Woman of Sunflowers S - Nono Sumika
Cameraman (Horus) - Hokushou Kairi

Scene 4: Sunbeams

Scene 4A: The Afternoon of a Day When the Laundry Dries Nicely

Young Man of Sunbeams (2) - Ranju Tomu

Scene 4B: A Place in the Sun

Young Women of Sunbeams (3) - Junya Chitose, Sumireno Rei

Scene 4C: O Sole Mio

Young Men of Sunbeams A - Houshou Dai, Nagina Ruumi

Scene 4D: Sunny

Young Man of Sunbeams (2) - Ranju Tomu
Young Men of Sunbeams A - Yuumi Hiro, Toki Irisu
Young Women of Sunbeams - Oomi Ako, Maiki Ayumi, Aihana Chisaki

Scene 4E: Plein Soleil

Young Woman of Sunbeams (2) - Hanakage Arisu
Young Men of Sunbeams A - Harukaze Misato, Hasumi Yuuya

Scene 4F: Soleil de Paris

Young Man of Sunbeams (3) - Hokushou Kairi
Young Woman of Sunbeams (2) - Hanakage Arisu
Young Women of Sunbeams (3) - Junya Chitose, Sumireno Rei

Scene 4G: The Sunny Side of the Street

Young Woman of Sunbeams (1) - Nono Sumika
Young Man of Sunbeams (3) - Hokushou Kairi
Young Men of Sunbeams A - Yuumi Hiro, Toki Irisu, Harukaze Misato, Houshou Dai, Hasumi Yuuya, Nagina Ruumi

Scene 4H: Goddess of the Sun

Young Man of Sunbeams (1) - Oozora Yuuhi
Young Woman of Sunbeams (1) - Nono Sumika
Young Man of Sunbeams (3) - Hokushou Kairi
Young Woman of Sunbeams (2) - Hanakage Arisu
Young Men of Sunbeams A - Yuumi Hiro, Toki Irisu, Harukaze Misato, Houshou Dai, Hasumi Yuuya, Nagina Ruumi
Young Women of Sunbeams (3) - Junya Chitose, Sumireno Rei

Scene 5: Solar Eclipse ~ Sunrise

Plasma Dancer S - Ranju Tomu
Louis XIV - Kotobuki Tsukasa
Amaterasu - Suzuna Saya
Incan God - Mikaze Maira
Surya - Kazari Jin
Plasma Dancers - Suzu Haruki, Oomi Ako, Maiki Ayumi, Houju Ichi, Mikage Rin, Kotoha Sakurako, Ayase Akina, Sorahane Riku, Yuino Kanari, Fuuma Kakeru

Scene 6: Soldiers of the Sun

Scene 6A

Soldier S - Oozora Yuuhi

Scene 6B

Soldier S - Oozora Yuuhi
Woman at the Bar S - Nono Sumika
Soldier A - Ranju Tomu
Soldier (Singer) - Yuumi Hiro
Soldiers - Toki Irisu, Harukaze Misato, Houshou Dai, Nanami Hiroki, Houju Ichi, Matsukaze Akira, Hoshibuki Ayato
Women at the Bar - Oomi Ako, Hanakage Arisu, Hanatsuyu Sumika, Himiya Sakura, Momochi Ito, Sumireno Rei, Aishiro Moa

Scene 6C

Soldier S - Oozora Yuuhi
Woman at the Bar S - Nono Sumika

Scene 7: Finale

Finale A: Let's Kiss the Sun

Young Men - Hasumi Yuuya, Nagina Ruumi. Sumiki Sayato, Sorahane Riku
Young Women - Aihana Chisaki, Mikage Rin, Kotoha Sakurako, Fujisaki Eri

Finale B: Corona Rockette (O Sole Mio ~ Sun in the Palm of My Hand)

Spirit of Corona (Cadenza Singer) - Nanase Ririko

Finale C: Lonely Sun

Guy S - Oozora Yuuhi
Guys A - Ranju Tomu, Hokushou Kairi

Finale D: Three-Pair Dance (Love Me with All of Your Heart)

Guy S - Oozora Yuuhi
Guys A - Ranju Tomu, Hokushou Kairi
Lady S - Nono Sumika
Ladies A - Junya Chitose, Sumireno Rei

Finale E: Parade

Young Man of Finale S - Oozora Yuuhi
Young Woman of Finale S - Nono Sumika
Young Men of Finale S - Ranju Tomu, Hokushou Kairi
Etoile - Hanakage Arisu

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