The Wind of Buenos Aires

Buenosaires Chirashi

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English Title: The Wind of Buenos Aires (Viento de Buenos Aires) ~Blown Between the Light and the Shadow...~
Japanese Title: ブエノスアイレスの風 -光と影の狭間を吹き抜けてゆく...-
Romanized Title: Buenosu Airesu no Kaze -Hikari to Kage no Hazama o Fukinuketeyuku...-

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2022
Performances: Nippon Seinenkan, 05/03 - 05/10; Theater Drama City, 05/18 - 05/26

Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Composer: Takahashi Kuni, Miyahara Tooru, Takahashi Megumi
Choreographer: Ueshima Yukio, Iga Yuuko, Miori Yumino

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 09/10/22)
Available on DVD: No
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


Nicolas, a former extremist leader Akatsuki Chisei
Isabella, a dancer in a tango club Amashi Juri
Lorenzo, the manager of the tango club Rinjou Kira
Mercedes Kagetsu Miyako
Flora, a singer at the tango club Harune Aki
Weapons Dealer Ren Tsukasa
Police Station Chief Asagiri Makoto
Isabella's Older Sister Kiyoka Ran
Ricardo, a former comrade of Nicolas's Kazama Yuno
Vicente, Eve's boyfriend; a cop Reika Haru
Bartender's daughter Yui Karen
Marcelo a punk kid; Flora's son Ayami Sera
Eva, Nicolas's former lover Haon Mika
Lilianna, Ricardo's sister Hanahime Manon

Other Cast: Hanatoki Maika, Amana Ruria, Ookusu Tera, Ayaji Yurika, Manoa Mio, Shizune Hotaru, Haruki Reo, Kazuma Asano, Oose Ibuki, Ranka Miri, Mioka Erisa, & Ichiki Kakeru,



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Buenos Aires in the mid-1900s. The long military regime is finished, and a new president is in power. A former extremist leader, Nicolas, is released from prison after seven long years. He is determined to start his life again, and after some searching finds a job dancing in a tango bar. He has no professional experience dancing, but good enough instincts to see him through. His partner is Isabella, a serious dancer, has hopes of joining a special dancing troupe which only accepts couple entries into its try-outs.

Meanwhile, Nicolas goes to look up an old flame, named Eve. Eve has gotten on with her life while Nicolas was in prison, but is upset that he never tried to contact her. Her new boyfriend and fiancee, Vicente appears. Although he is friendly enough to Nicolas in person, afterwards he asks Eve not to see Nicolas again, and begins having Nicolas watched. Vicente's main job is tracking down former extremists who were never captured or accounted for, and he expects Nicolas to lead him to them.

In another part of town a rather vapid young woman is in a bank getting information about opening an account. When she leaves the building, her entire attitude changes. Her name is Lilianna, and she is the younger sister of Ricardo. Together they are casing out banks for a robbery. They are former extremists, though Lilianna was only a child back then. Now they are the only ones of their group left, but Ricardo hasn't given up on his dream of revolution. They run into Nicolas by chance and are shocked and happy to see him.

The three former comrades go out for drinks. Ricardo hopes that they'll work together again like in old times, but Nicolas says he will not. It's over, times have changed. Who would they be fighting against? They split up.

Meanwhile, Nicolas and Isabella practice their dancing. Nicolas has agreed to be her partner for the entry exam. However, his easy dancing seems to have disappeared. He can't do it when it's so serious and not spontaneous. Isabella chastises him, and he gets his confidence back. The day of the competition is fast approaching.

Also at the bar is a singer named Flora with a good for nothing son who used to date Isabella. He tends to hang about demanding money from his mother and harassing Isabella, but Nicolas throws him out. Ironically, while out stealing cars, the son, Marcelo, is drafted by Ricardo and Lilianna to help in their bank robbery. They need a get-away driver. They take him with them and go into hiding.

Lilianna tracks down Nicolas one last time to ask him again to join them. She has had a crush on Nicolas since she was a little girl and thus puts more faith into him than her brother. Nicolas isn't swayed, but he does pick up some hints that Ricardo is up to something. He demands details, but Lilianna runs away.

Worried about his former friends who are the only ones left of his group, Nicolas begins searching the city for them. Meanwhile, Ricardo, Lilianna, and Marcelo meet with an arms dealer. Ricardo doesn't have the money to pay the arms dealer yet, but he needs the guns to break into the bank. So he offers his little sister as surety, with a vow that he will hunt down the arms dealer's entire family if anything happens to her.

Nicolas finally tracks them down at their hideaway. Unfortunately, Vicente and his police have followed him. When he hears the sirens, Marcelo panics and goes for the guns to shoot Nicolas. Ricardo wrestles him for it, and during the scuffle, it goes off. Ricardo dies in Nicolas's arms but manages to gasp out something about saving Lilianna before he passes away. Nicolas gets the details from Marcelo. Together, the two manage to trick the arms dealer and rescue Lilianna, but she is devastated by her brother's death.

Meanwhile, across the city Isabella has been waiting for hours for Nicolas to show up. Finally, her audition is canceled. Still, she waits in the rain outside the building. Nicolas comes running up. The events of the past 24 hours finally catch up to him, and he begins to sob. Isabella says she doesn't care about the audition, but she was terrified that Nicolas might have left town....

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