The Magnificent Emperor

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English Title: The Magnificent Emperor
Japanese Title: 壮麗帝
Romanized Title: Soureitei

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2020
Performances: Theater Drama City, 08/14 - 08/18

Based On: the life of Suleiman I, 10th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Author / Director: Kashihata Aiko

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA


Suleiman, the 10th sultan of the Ottoman Empire Sakuragi Minato
Hurrem (Alexandra), a foreign slave; later, Suleiman's favorite consort and legal wife Haruha Rara
Ibrahim, Suleiman's closest friend and adviser Kazuki Sora
Matrakchi, a talented artist and inventor Yuuma Rin
Head Lady-in-waiting Kanon Mai
Hafsa, Suleiman's mother Rinjou Kira
Head Eunuch Nanao Maki
Mahidevran, Suleiman's consort; mother of his eldest son, Mustafa Akine Hikaru
Fatma, a court lady Risaki Shigure
Ismail / Head Military Official Akina Rui
Dafne, a dancer Hanabishi Rizu
Hussain Mizuka Ichi
Maryam, a court lady Koharuno Sayo
Gheorghe / Selim, Suleiman's son by Hurrem Kihou Kanata
Alvise, an influential merchant from Venice Sumikaze Nagi
Hatice, Suleiman's sister Amairo Mineri
Ferhat, a vizier to the sultan Konan Makoto
Ahmet, a vizier to the sultan Takato Chiaki
Laula, a dancer Mizune Shiho
Piri, a vizier to the sultan Ibuki Yuuha
Elena Hanamiya Sara
Bayram, a page Haruno Sakura
Slave Trader / Mustafa, Suleiman's son by Mahidevran Kazeiro Hyuuga
Azer, a page Asagi Hiiro
Tahmasp, the Shah of Iran Mashiro Yuuki

Other Cast: Kagayaki Yuu, Fuuki Ruru, Aimi Sara, Misei Hanna, Ooji Rise



This is a historical romance set in the golden age of the Ottoman Empire, about the life of Emperor Suleiman (called The Magnificent), his love for his chief consort Hurrem, and the ties that bound him to Grand Vizier Ibrahim (who was like a brother to him).

The Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 16th century. Suleiman, son of Selim I, the 9th emperor, sneaks out into the town with his trusted friend Ibrahim, where he meets a girl. Stolen from her hometown in a far away land and sold as a slave, her name is Alexandra.

With the death of the emperor, Suleiman becomes the 10th emperor of the Ottoman Empire. Alexandra has entered the emperor's harem, and Suleiman is charmed not only by her beauty, but also by her abundant wisdom, and he grants her the new name of Hurrem ("the cheerful one"). Several years after ascending the throne, he has conquered enemy lands that stymied his ancestors, and as emperor brought great achievements. Hurrem, who runs counter to so many of the customs of the harem, is Suleiman's favorite, and Suleiman has appointed Ibrahim to a post above his origins as a slave.

There are many things in the palace, many disturbances to cause conflicts, and a crack even begins to grow between Suleiman and Ibrahim....

Other Information

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the original run of this performance was canceled (Nippon Seinenkan, 03/28 - 04/04; Theater Drama City, 04/11 - 04/19).


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