The Last Party: S. Fitzgerald's Last Day (Cosmos 2004 / 2006)

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English Title: The Last Party: S. Fitzgerald's Last Day
Japanese Title: 「THE LAST PARTY~S. Fitzgerald’s last day~」 フィッツジェラルド最後の一日
Romanized Title: 「THE LAST PARTY~S. Fitzgerald’s last day~」 Fittsujerarudo saigo no ichinichi

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2004 / 2006
Performances: Takarazuka Bow Hall, 10/24 - 11/2 (2004); Nippon Seinenkan, 2/2 - 2/5 (2006)

Based On: The life of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Author / Director: Ueda Keiko
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreographer: Masaki Rino

Available on DVD: 2004 - Yes (release date 2/5/05) & VHS, 2006 - No
DVD Scene/Music Cut: No


RoleCast (2004)Cast (2006)
Scott Fitzgerald (A brilliant American novelist who appeared in the 1920's literary world)Yamato Yuuga
Zelda Fitzgerald (Scott's Wife; A flapper who becomes the model for his novel's heroine)Ayano Kanami Shijou Rui
Sheilah Graham (Scott's lover in his later years; A Hollywood journalist)Itsumine Aki
Maxwell Perkins (The chief editor at Scribners; Takes care of Scott's debut; An important figure in the publishing world who is enthusiastic about his work)Misato Maya
Doctor (Zelda's attending physician)Natsu Hiromi
Ernest Hemingway (A novelist who represents the 20th century)Ryouga Haruhi
Francis Scott (Scottie) Fitzgerald (The only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FitzgeraldSakihana An
Edouard Jozan (A pilot officer in the French army; the object of Zelda's infatuation)Tsukioka Nanao
Perkins' Secretary Tsukishiro Misaki
Laura Guthrie (Scott's secretary)Mikaze Maira
Lois Moran (A Hollywood actress; Scott's lover)Ayuse Mito
Reporter (A reporter who covers Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald)IYakumo Mika
Woman Doctor (A doctor in the hospital where Zelda is sent)Oomi Ako
A Paris Boy Mimaki Sakyou
Student in a Park (A reader of Fitzgerald's work)Suzu Haruki



A musical about the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We begin on Dec. 21st, 1940, just moments before Scott dies. The main actor speaks to the audience, asking them what they think he was thinking of, what he was planning. Then he takes us back, for one last party before the end.

We learn that Scott was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He travels to New York City to meet with the publisher Max, who is convinved that Scott is the genuine article after reading his script for "This Side of Paradise". Max agrees to sign on Scott to his publishing company, and Scott convinces him to begin soon, so that he can make enough to support Zelda, the woman he wants so much to marry. When Scott has enough money to support her, Zelda moves to NYC, and the two are married in 1920.

The 1920s Jazz Age was the height of Scott's popularity. He wrote about the high society, and the young people loved him. The paparazzi press followed him and "Princess Zelda" everywhere, wearing thin the relationship between Scott and the wife who was the model for all of his heroines. In order to escape them, he and Zelda went to Europe, to the Frech Riviera. There Scott became obsessed with writing his next novel, and Zelda, taken from her busy society life in New York, became lonely and upset. She began to have an affair with a young naval officer. When Scott found out, the two had a huge argument. Scott went off to drown his sorrows in drink, while Zelda overdoes on medication. Scott finds her collapsed the next morning and gets her to a hospital, but she never fully recovers. She began to suffer from schizophrenia.

In France, Scott met Hemmingway, whose writing he respected very much. He helps promote Hemmingway with his publisher, despites Hemmingway's warning that the two will become rivals.

The Depression hit, and America changed rapidly. Suddenly no one could relate to the Jazz Age novels that Scott wrote. His next novel, dear to his heart and based on his and Zelda's relationship, is a complete flop. He falls into an alcoholic depression again, which not even his secretary can save him from. Terrified she is watching him die bit by bit as he struggles for an idea for a new novel, she quits. She also begs his publisher to make him stop. Max tells Scott he can't give him any more advance money, despite their friendship. Crushed, Scott moved to Hollywood and continued writing the short stories and movie scripts that he so despised.

Meanwhile, Zelda remains in the institution she has been in since the early thirties, and Scotty, their daughter, remains a source of comfort to Scott.

Scott suffered two heart-attacks in 1940, probably brought on by his heavy drinking and smoking during his life. The doctors ordered him to rest, and so he moved in with his lover Sheilah Graham. He passed away on Dec. 21st from a heart attack.

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