(Thank you to jenebi, caithion, coconutsilk, kirakira_sora, sumirenohana, muffin_song, and of course nazon herself for all their help.)

"Takarazuka Miscellany" (宝塚についてのあれこれ) is a guide for new fans written by the Japanese blogger nazon. With her gracious permission, I've translated selected entries for English-speaking fandom. Club and stage door activity in particular tend to be very different from the Western theater tradition, and a lot of things may seem strange.

It is not necessary to join a fanclub for reasons that are detailed below. Clubs are a very expensive and difficult commitment, and you should only pursue it if you are absolutely certain about it. If possible, try to consult with another foreign club member. (Some clubs may not accept foreigners outside of Japan, period, and even if they do you will probably need a contact inside the country to handle financial arrangements.)

Whether you intend to merely observe or to take the more serious step of joining a club, it is important to behave with respect. As a foreign fan, you reflect not only on your home country but on the entire community of foreign fans. You will inevitably make mistakes, but if you behave politely and follow instructions, everything will be fine.

Even more importantly, Takarazuka is a wonderful world filled with wonderful people. Please enjoy it.

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