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Generally speaking, Takarazuka fans write letters.

And, although you say “letter” as one word, there are two types.

The first is a letter that I guess is generally called a “fan letter.”

For that, you buy and use whatever you like, and write the text as such.

There’s one more other than that. The other kind of letter for a Takarazuka fan is,
the words written during guard on a postcard you hand over.

Although I won’t go into detail on guard except for this one topic, guard is “at iri-demachi the people who can see the seito from the front row are fanclub members.” There are times when these people can personally deliver letters.

At this time the letters you hand over, although there are also ones of the type previously mentioned, “normal fan letters,” most are
words written on postcards.

The postcards are postcards of that seito if there are postcards of that seito sold by the Company. If there are none, then cute or cool store-bought postcards are okay.

Then, why does such a type of letter exist?

For one thing, because there is guard every day, people who come every day might not have anything more to say than a postcard’s worth. Are you writing a fan letter using two pages every single day? What an impossible thing.

Also, if the seito has postcards that are sold by the Company, it’s said that sales go up if you use that postcard for letters instead of one’s own cards. There might be such a purpose. Since it’s the case that
sales = popularity

if you repeatedly write letters on the postcards, in that case, it seems to appeal to the Company by saying “she has popularity.”
Most fanclubs recommend that letters be written on postcards sold by the Company.

When one postcard isn’t enough, I use two postcards.

By the way, while this may be prohibited depending on the fanclub, many people put postcards into photo sleeves. When you begin guard for the first time, I recommend that you confirm with the people around you.

(There might be photo sleeves in camera shops like Big Camera.)

So just as I have said, there are two kinds of letters for Takarazuka.

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