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Even though I got this question in comments a long time ago, I’m sorry it took so long.

So, the question was, is it okay to be in two so-called Takarazuka “clubs?”

Basically the unspoken rule is “absolutely not.”

Although there isn’t any definite reason for it, if I try to explain it, it’s like, “If your chosen seito knew that their own fan was a fan of another seito in the same company, they would feel bad,” is the sympathetic intent.

Even so, those who feel that “If I don’t write letters, don’t get tickets, and don’t do iri-de, there’s no way my chosen seito could know or feel bad about it. If it’s just maintaining membership that’s not true,” may not care and maintain dual memberships, then it’s not really a problem.

However, if it gets out, I can’t really say what the injured seito, her daihyou, or your fellow fans may think. So! Chances are you’d have to prepare yourself for ostracism by the more stalwart fans who do iri-de and such.

Anyway, by the same token you should avoid writing letters two or three ways (etc.).

Still, it seems there are those who don’t feel the same way about this question. But definitely, this is the general feeling.

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