Somewhere in Time (Moon 1995)


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English Title: Somewhere in Time
Japanese Title: ある日どこかで -SOMEWHERE IN TIME-
Romanized Title: Aru Hi Dokoka de

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1995
Performances: Bow Hall, 10/14 - 10/29; Nippon Seinenkan Hall, 11/2 - 11/9

Based On: the 1980 film Somewhere in Time, which in turn is based on a novel by Richard Matheson
Author/Director: Nakamura Satoru
Music: Yoshida Yuuko, Nishimura Kouji
Choreography: Hayama Kiyomi, Shou Sumire

Available on DVD: VHS only


Richard CollierAmami Yuuki
Elise McKennaAsano Kayo
William RobinsonShizuki Asato
FredUjou Kaoru
AlecNashiro Aoi
CarrieMihara Shiho
Franny / Fortune-tellerRika Masumi
David / Professor PriestlyAoi Miya
Anna McKennaNatsuki Mami
CharlesAyaki Nao
TomOotaka Tsubasa
BrianYamato Yuuga
JackMizu Natsuki
Franny (child)Minashiro Hikari
David (child)Runa Mari



America, 1971. Richard Collier and his friends are celebrating their successful graduation from college. Although the details are not certain yet, Fred announcs to everyone that the scripts Richard has written have already gotten him noticed by TV producers and he is being offered a job. As Richard's friends congratulate him, an old woman suddenly appears in the crowd. She slowly gets up from her wheelchair and approaches him, saying only "Richard, come back" before allowing herself to be led out again. Confused, Richard tells his friends that he doesn't know the woman and soon leaves with his girlfriend Carrie. After he is gone, Brian tells Tom that he recognizes the old woman as a retired actress.

Six years later, Richard is growing tired of his life of easy success. He breaks his engagement to Carrie and tells Fred that he is taking a vacation from everything, not saying where he is going or when he'll be back.

Richard travels to the Grand Hotel and meets an old man painting the lake outside. When Richard points out that he has omitted the bridge from his painting, the man gruffly insists he doesn't need one. The man's name is David, and his wife Franny explains that he wanted to paint the lake as he remembered it from his childhood. Just as Richard is leaving, David recalls that when he was a boy drawing that same lake, a young man came up to him and said a great bridge would be built there, a prediction which he saw come true twenty years later.

As Richard enters the hotel and checks in, he notices a stunning photograph of a woman on the wall. Intrigued by her beauty, he asks the bellboy Charles who she is. Richard learns that the woman is Elise McKenna, a famous stage actress from the early 1900s. As Charles supplies him with more information, Richard realizes that this was the very woman who came to his graduation party, and that she died only a few days afterward. He becomes obsessed with learning everything about her, falling in love with her picture and wondering if he could travel back in time to meet her. To this end he visits Professor Priestly, who tells him that while future time travel is impossible, a person can travel to the past if he rids himeself of all traces of anything that could connect him to his own time. He must then use self-hypnosis to convince himself that he is in the time period he desires.

Excitedly, Richard chooses a time in which to meet Elise - when she stayed at the Grand Hotel to perform at nearby theater in 1912. He has Fred (who believes Richard is researching for a new story) order him clothing and coins from that era, and asks Charles for the guest book from that year. Richard is astonished to find his own name written in the book, which convinces him that it is possible to travel back in time. He lies on a couch and repeats to himself over and over that the date is June 27, 1912, and when he opens his eyes he is there.

Amazed and thrilled that his plan has worked, Richard immediately sets out to meet Elise. He asks a bellboy what room she is staying in, inventing a story about being her cousin coming to surprise her. However, when he gets to Elise's room he learns that she is not there and goes out to the grounds in search of her. There he meets a young boy drawing the lake and tells the child that a bridge will be built over it someday. After the boy leaves, Richard realizes this is the same David whom he met in 1977.

Finally after much searching Richard comes upon Elise. She mysteriously asks him "are you the one?" to which he eagerly responds "yes". But before he has time to continue, Elise's mother Anna interrupts and leads her away. He sees Elise again at a party that evening, but this time her manager William Robinson comes between them. William is protective of Elise because a fortune-teller told him that a strange man would appear and change her life. Though he again fails to have much of a conversation with Elise, Richard is happy just to have met her and thinks of a way to talk to her alone. That night he sleeps out on a bench, since according to the old guest book he didn't check in until the next day. He wakes up early the next morning to meet with Elise before her mother awakes and convinces her to go on a walk with him. Richard finally asks her what she meant by "are you the one?", and she relates to him the story of the fortune-teller. Elise is obviously interested in him and asks Richard to attend her play that night.

William, however, wants to keep Richard away from Elise and sends him a note to meet outside before the play. He tells Richard not to distract Elise from her career. Richard hot-headedly argues that Elise does not belong to William. In fact, since he comes from the future Richard knows that William will die in a few years. William of course treats this as nonsense and hires two men to restrain Richard. They tie him up and knock him unconscious, causing him to miss the play. Elise is heartbroken, having looked for him in the audience in vain. William convinces her that Richard has already gone and tells her to prepare to leave for her next show in Denver.

Richard wakes up the next morning and the children David and Franny help to untie him. He is frantic, thinking he has missed Elise, but as he is searching the grounds she appears again. She didn't want to leave without knowing for certain how he felt. They go back to Richard's room and talk, and Elise says they should get married. She also has a gift for him: a pocket-watch. But as she goes to put it in his pocket, she finds something else already there. It is a penny dated 1977. Horrified, Richard sees everything disappear around him as he snaps back to his own time.

Afterward, no matter how many times he tries to re-hypnotize himself Richard is unable to get back to 1912. He stumbles out into the lobby, reaches out to the portrait of Elise and then collapses to the floor, dying of a broken heart.

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