Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Carousel Rondo


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English Title: Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki / Carousel Rondo
Japanese Title: 長崎しぐれ坂 / カルーセル輪舞曲(ロンド)
Romanized Title: Nagasaki Shigurezaka / Karuuseru Rondo

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2017
Performances: Hakataza Theater, 05/04 - 05/27

Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki:

Based On: Enomoto Shigetami's Edo Mushuku (The Expelled from Edo)
Author/Director: Ueda Shinji
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko
Choreographer: Hanayagi Yoshijirou, Wakao Risa

Carousel Rondo:

Author/Director: Inaba Daichi

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 08/31/2017)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: Yes Carousel Rondo scene 7a "VIROU RELIGIAO"


Isaji (Expelled from Edo) Todoroki Yuu
Unosuke (Low-ranking Nagasaki police officer) Tamaki Ryou
Oshima (Geisha in Sakai) Manaki Reika
Suigyu (Tavern keeper of the Chinese Quarter) Hanagata Hikaru
Rika (Isaji's mistress) Touka Yurino
Shobei Izumiya (Merchant of Sakai) Ayazuki Seri
Gyokuran (Suigyu's wife) Remi Kurea
Sasori (Isaji's follower) Shimon Yuriya
Bora (a spy for the magistrate's office) Chinami Karan
Chief Kijou Mitsuru
Horen (Suigyu's daughter) Saotome Wakaba
Tateoka (constable of the magistrate's office) Asami Jun
Yu-fa (Horen's friend) Kaede Yuki
Chief Yuu Hikaru
Rakko (Isaji's follower) Harumi Yuu
Suzuki (constable of the magistrate's office) Souya Tomoki
Hatano (constable of the magistrate's office) Asagiri Makoto
Rasha (Isaji's follower) Akatsuki Chisei
Momoha (Horen's friend) Urara Senri
Ishihama (constable of the magistrate's office) Suou Mahiro
Okichi (waitress at the Maruyama Hizenya) Misono Sakura
Satou (constable of the magistrate's office) Kio Kanade
Anpe (Isaji's follower) Kazama Yuno
Ryurei (Horen's friend) Yui Karen

Other Cast: Kousaki Ran, Sakurana Ai, Aose Yuuki, Kiyoka Ran, Asahi Tsubasa, Hiumi Arisa, Momoka Yuki, Hisumi Rin, Yoshino Yurika, Reika Haru, Hanatoki Maika, Koumi Natsuho, Ranze Keito, Hiiragi Ayato, Issei Kei, Ookusu Tera



Shigure Hill Road in Nagasaki

In the late Edo period (the mid-19th century), Nagasaki is still the special place which is open to the outside world. Other than Nagasaki, the Tokugawa shogunate has kept Japan in isolation since the mid-17th century. Dejima, a fan-shaped artificial island used as a trade post and a place of residence for the Dutch, is in Nagasaki Harbor, while the immense Chinese Quarter is located at Juzenji in downtown Nagasaki. Although the magistrate to Nagasaki officially administers the Chinese quarter, the Chinese Quarter enjoys certain kinds of extraterritorial rights. Therefor the magistrate cannot actually interfere in its affairs without good reason.

Isaji burglarized many residences of feudal lords in Edo and killed quite a few people along the way. Five years have passed since he ran away down to Nagasaki and took sanctuary in the Chinese Quarter. As long as he is in the Quarter, he is out of the reach of policemen of the magistrate's office of Nagasaki. Unosuke is one of the policemen. He had been a detective of the magistrate's office in the northern part of the city of Edo. He has come down to Nagasaki in the pursuit of Isaji and is still looking for him. He publicly declares that he will arrest Isaji at all costs.

One day, Unosuke happens to come across his childhood friend Oshima on the beach and invites her to go with him to the chinese Quarter. He talks Isaji into coming with him to Shigure (late autumn shower) Hill Road where Oshima waits for them. Three friends from childhood, who had parishioners of Kanda Shrine in Edo, meet again for the first time in 20 years in remote Nagasaki. Expelled from the census register of Edo and wanted by the police, Isaji drifted down to Nagasaki. Unosuke now serves the magistrate of Nagasaki as a low-rank policeman. Oshima became a geisha in Sakai, and has come to Nagasaki accompanying her patron on a business trip. They think back about the paths they each have followed and wonder where they each took the wrong turn leading to where they stand.

Isaji longs for the sight of Edo ever since he met with Oshima, so much that he comes to wish to leave the enclosure of the Chinese Quarter. Then, he learns that one of his followers Rasha has not come back since he was called out of the enclosure by Bora who works as a feeler for Isaji. Unosuke dissuades Isaji from rushing to the rescue warning that he would also be killed if he went outside the enclosure. Isaji manages to deliver Rasha. However, Rasha is severely injured and dies shortly afterward. In fact, Rasha became a victim of a scheme invented by the policemen of the magistrate's office. According to the scheme, Isaji should have lost his wits and gone out of the enclosure.

Isaji wanders and comes across Oshima again on Shigure Hill Road. They smell a fragrance of Edo from each other, which makes them feel homesick. They remember the days they had spent together with Unosuke just like brothers and sisters. Isaji mutters in spite of himself that he feels like going back to Edo. Oshima proposes returning to Edo and starting a new life together.

Unosuke tells Oshima's patron Shobei Izumiya a rumor. It is that Izumiya is a smuggler who uses Oshima as she frequents the Chinese Quarter. He also reveals that he suspects there is an affair going on between Oshima and Isaji. Shobei says that he will sail out to sea ahead of time and that it is up to Oshima whether to go back to Sakai with him or not. Oshima reproaches Unosuke for having told on her. Unosuke says she might as well go to hell as go with Isaji to Edo. He doesn't want her to undergo a series of hardships. Oshima is the very woman he once loved. At last, he tells her that Isaji would be killed once he leaves the Chinese Quarter. After due consideration, Oshima decides to go with Shobei.

Isaji is exasperated at Oshima who has not shown up on time. Unosuke comes forth instead and tells him that she has gone back to Sakai. This causes Isaji to run outside. Unosuke stops him with all his force. Isaji tells him that he is not about to follow Oshima but just wants to go a step closer to Edo. Hearing Isaji's heart, Unosuke at last reveals to Isaji the true reason why he has come down in pursuit of him. As a matter of fact, Unosuke has been pursuing Isaji not to arrest him, but for an entirely different reason.....

Carousel Rondo

This "revue romance" of impressively interweaving dance routines on an elegant and glitzy stage celebrates the 90th anniversary of "Mon Paris," the first revue in Japan. In "Mon Paris," a carousel of wooden horses imbued with life circle the Earth's entirety along an axis, as if the steeds are on an endless journey dancing a rondo round the world. While "Mon Paris" portrays them departing from Japan for Paris, audiences will be treated to a rich variety of scenes as they watch a herd leaving Paris for Takarazuka on a world tour. Tamaki Ryou leads a reborn Moon Troupe that is vibrant and powerful in this thoroughly mesmerizing revue.

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