Sarang Ai

Sarang Ai 1994

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English Title: Sarang Love
Japanese Title: サラン・愛
Romanized Title: Saran Ai

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1994
Performances: Bow Hall, 2/5 - 2/13

Based On:
Author/Director: Nakamura Kazunori
Music: Terada Takio, Yoshida Yuuko
Choreography: Kurotaki Tsukio

Available on DVD: No


Cho Lon-Yeon (A young man who has passed the civil service exams and is adept in both the literary and military arts. He works under General Pho.)Shibuki Jun
Kim Sugyon (A student of gi-saeng (similar to geisha).)Chihiro Reika
Yi Anguk (One of Lon-Yeon's men. A civil official.)Ritsu Tomomi
Choi Myonok (Sugyon's mother. Formerly a gi-saeng named Mingji.)Kou Hizuru
Pak Hwawol (Sugyon's lady attendant.)Moemi Serika
Pho Kwan-Fong (Lon-Yeon's teacher. A general.) / Lu Abing (A rival general. Lon-Yeon turned down his past request to work for him.)Ootomo Reika
Kan Kyonik (Abing's adjutant. In love with Koran, sees Lon-Yeon as a rival.)Natsushiro Rei
Yu Geumjeong (A pirate who rescued Sugyon)Iori Naoka
Rei-Ok (Abing's wife)Morotori Ai
Koran (Abing's daughter, in love with Lon-Yeon.)Minami Shizuka
Kyu Kyongnam (A soldier captured by Abing. Plans treason with Lon-Yeon.)Mayuka Reo
Cho Ku-Won (Lon-Yeon's younger brother.)Haruno Sumire
O Yeon-Kon (Prime minister)Kazato Yuma
Hong Yeon-Gun (Ku-Won's lover)Sakuragi Emi
Kim Hong-Leong (Sugyon's younger sister)Ayana Mai
Son Jeong-Sin (Kan's man)Sena Jun
Yu Yong-Soo (A pirate. Geumjeong's younger brother)Amano Yuka

Others: Mizuki Ai, Futaba Karen, Shiraho Mari, Ai Miyabi, Sagami Rei, Futaba Miki, Yuuka Eri, Mao Natsuki, Hiro Miyoshi, Otowa Ryou, Mizuhono Seika, Utahana Yumi



The second half of the 17th century. Joseon Age in Korea.

Because his grandfather was a military man, Cho Lon-Yeon chose to follow in his footsteps, took the civil service exam, and has become adept in both the literary and military arts. One day he meets gi-saeng student Kim Sugyon in a garden under the blooming flowers, and falls in love. Sugyon also falls in love with him at first sight, but her mother convinces her that she isn't. However, Lon-Yeon's strong love won't be denied.

War sweeps down on the the country, and the young men go off to war, including Lon-Yeon's younger brother. They all head off to die in the war. Lon-Yeon also must part with Sugyon and go to protect his country. He is captured by the enemy general, Abing, who wants him to join and fight for his side. Lon-Yeon plans his escape with another captured soldier, Kyongnam.

Unfortunately, Abing's daughter Konran has fallen in love with Lon-Yeon. Abing's adjutant Kan sees this and fears that he'll lose Konran, whom he loves, so he plans a way to kill Lon-Yeon.

Meanwhile, Sugyon and her maidservant set out to find Lon-Yeon. Along the way, Sugyon is rescued by the Yu pirate brothers when she is in trouble. The elder brother, Geumjeong, falls in love with her beauty and vows to make her his. However, when he sees that he can't win over her love for Lon-Yeon, he promises to help her find him.

But there is still more trouble ahead for the two lovers....

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