Poem of Proud Love

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English Title: Poem of Proud Love
Japanese Title: 誇りたかき愛の詩
Romanized Title: Hokoritakaki Ai no Uta

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1987
Performances: Bow Hall, 2/7 - 2/17

Based On: Alexandre Dumas's novel The Knight of Maison-Rouge
Author/Director: Oozeki Hiromasa
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi, Odakane Bonpei, Kuratomi Shinichi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi

Available on DVD: No


Lieutenant Maurice Lindey (a member of the Jacobin Club and patriot)Mori Keaki
Geneviève Dixmer (young wife of Royalist Dixmer)Nishina Yuri
Dixmer (owner of a tanning factory, Royalist)Asazuki Mario
General / JudgeSara Kei
Chief of the GarrisonAsuka Yuu
Elisabeth (sister of Louis XVI)Kamishiro Shouko
Marie Antoinette (Queen of France, under house arrest at Le Temple)Hatobue Maki
Tison's Wife (cook at Le Temple)Akitsu Yutaka
Maximilian Jean Rollin (Jacobin Club member, Maruice's friend)Kodai Mizuki
Morand (a Royalist chemist, the Knight of Maison-Rouge)Kei Kazuka
Sophie Tison (flower seller)Murasaki Tomo

Other Cast: Nishina Yuri, Godai Katsura, Tsukushino Aya, Ichijou Akane, Wakou Hajime, Takanashi Jun, Tasai Shun, Ogishiro Ayano, Asagiri Mai, Chiya Akira, Shioji Sayo, Namiji Haruka, Iraka Maya, Akino Satomi, Marioka Tomomi, Itsumine Aki, Yabuki Shou, Daishou Kaoru, Oujou Miki, Asana Ayumi



Summary based on the novel, and may not accurately reflect the musical.

It takes place in Paris in 1793 during the Reign of Terror. The Knight of Maison-Rouge, posing as Citizen Morand, is organizing the escape of Queen Marie-Antoinette. He is assisted in his undertaking by Dixmer, a master tanner who passes himself off as an ardent revolutionary and his wife Geneviève, who also happens to be the Knight's sister. While on a mission with her brother, she is saved from arrest thanks to the intervention of Lieutenant Maurice Lindey. Geneviève, who is married without love to Dixmer, falls for the young man, who requites her love.

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