Shizuki Asato - Millennium

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English Title: Shizuki Asato Dinner Show - Millennium
Japanese Title: 姿月あさとディナーショー - Millennium
Romanized Title: Shizuki Asato Dinaa Shoo - Millennium

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2000
Performances: Palace Hotel, 02/26 - 02/27; Hotel Hankyuu International, 02/28 - 02/29

Available on DVD: VHS only


Shizuki Asato

Supporting Cast

Mimi Anri
Suzuna Saya
Yumeki Noa
Kuji Akari


1. Takarazuka Memories (Medley)
  • "Takarazuka Music School Song" (Takarazuka Ongaku Gakkou Kouka)
  • Dorubii no Uta
  • "Takarazuka March" (Takarazuka Koushinkyouku)
  • "Onward to Samarkand" (Ikou yo Samarkand e) - From The Red Rose of Samarkand
  • "One Rose on That Day"(Ano Hi Bara Ichirin) - From One Rose on That Day
  • "Too Darn Hot" Words & Music by Cole Porter - From Kiss Me Kate
  • "Das Gibt's Nur Einmal (Only Once)" (Tada Hitotabi no) - From Kaigi wa Odoru (Der Kongreß tanzt)
  • "Dream Hunters" (Yume Karyuudo) - From Gitan des Gitans
  • "If It's Love" (Ai Areba Koso) - From The Rose of Versailles
  • "Autumn...The Prelude to Winter" (Aki ... Fuyu e no Zensoukyoku) - From Autumn...The Prelude to Winter
  • "She (Master of Game)" (Kanojo) - From The Game
  • "Junction 24" - From Junction 24
  • "Rein Qu’une Nuit"- From Dance Festival (Hakusen Hana Shuu)
  • "Happy Birthday" - From Spartacus
  • "One-in-a-Million Love" (Hyakumanbun no Ichi no Ai) - From Random Harvest
  • "Kiss of Fire" - From Fancy Touch
  • "Fiesta Ai Ai Ai" - From La Nova!
  • "Flower Dance" (Hana no Mai) - FromKasenshou
  • "Million Steps" - From Million Dreams
  • "Our Goodbye Is In the Sunset's Glow " (Sayonara wa Yubae no Naka de) - From ''Gone With the Wind"
  • "Three People" (Sannin) - From Comparing Heights
  • "White Daffodil" (Shiro Suisen) - From Comparing Heights
  • "Shamrock Wind" (Kaze no Shamrock) - From The Afterglow of Eire
  • "Yearning" (Akogare) - From Beyond the End
  • "From the Heart" - From Exotica!
  • "A Weekend at Harefard" - From Me and My Girl
  • "A King's Holiday" (Ousama no Kyuujitsu) - From Nightless Castle in Manhattan
  • "Dernier Amour" - From Prestige
  • "Mediterraneo" - From Grandes Belles Folies
  • "Unbearable Feelings" (Yarikirenai Shinjou) - From Fake Love
  • "O Infante"- From El Dorado
  • "Excalibur" - From Excalibur
  • "Der Letzte Tanz" (Saigo no Dansu) - From Elisabeth
  • "Birthplace" (Furusato) - From Passion: Jose and Carmen
2. "Thus Spake Zarathustra" (Zarathustra no Densetsu) - by R. Strauss
3. "Bolero" - by Ravel
4. "Seasons of Love" - Words & Music by Jonathan Larson - From the Musical Rent
5. "Your Song" (Boku no Uta wa Kimi no Uta) - Words & Music by Elton John
6. "New Cinema Paradiso"
  • "New Cinema Paradiso" - From Cinema Paradiso - by Ennio Morricone
  • "Fuga, Ricerca E Ritorno (Leaving, Searching and Returning)" (Iede Sousaku Soshite Kitaku) - by Ennio Morricone
  • "Love Theme" (Ai no Theme) - From Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone
7. "Time to Say Goodbye (Con te Partirò)" Words by Quarantotto, Music by Sartori (Andrea Bocelli)
8. "The Prayer" Words by Sager, Music by Foster (Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion)
9. "Canto Della Terra" Words by Quarantotto, Music by Sartori (Andrea Bocelli)

Encore - "As if We Never Said Goodbye" - From Sunset Boulevard by D. Black & Andrew Lloyd Webber

Other Information

  • "From the Heart" and "Your Song" were omitted from the video release due to copyright.


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