Love at Dal Lake

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English Title: Love at Dal Lake
Japanese Title: ダル・レークの恋
Romanized Title: Daru Reeku no Koi

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2021
Performances: TBS Akasaka ACT, 2/16 - 2/28, Umeda Arts Theatre 3/14-3/21[1]

Author: Kikuta Kazuo
Supervising Director: Sakai Sumio
Director: Tani Takaya

Available on DVD: TBA
Available on Blu-Ray: TBA
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: TBA

Rachman Hariram Kapoor, cavalry captainTsukishiro Kanato
Kamala Chandra Kumar, Chandra's granddaughterUmino Mitsuki
Peper, a swindler from Paris Akatsuki Chisei (Tokyo) / Kazama Yuno (Osaka)
Krishna Kumar, Kamala's cousin Kazama Yuno (Tokyo) / Yumena Rune (Osaka)
Indira Kumar, Chandra's wife, the MaharaniRika Masumi
Alma, Krishna's wifeKagetsu Miyako
Chandra Kumar, Maharajah of Benares Chinami Karan
Michelle, a club madame from ParisKaede Yuki
Golden Man A Yumena Rune(Tokyo)
Jean, Peper's henchmanHayaki Yuuto
Tavern Owner / Hariram Kapoor, Maharajah of Bengal, Rachman's fatherRen Tsukasa
Manager / Potoraji Kashiro Aoi
Inside the Bar Urara Senri
Pierre, Peper's henchman Souma Seren
Radjion, a hotel porter Ran Naoki
Water Young ManAyaoto Sena
Jasvir, chief of military policeReika Haru
Water Young Woman Nanano Ari
Patanak, military policeHiiragi Ayato
René, a friend Rachman treats like a little brotherAyaji Yurika
Rita, Kamala's younger sisterKiyora Haryuu
Bina, a hotel maidUta Chizuru

Other Cast:
Kiyoka Ran, Momoka Yuki, Sorashiro Yuu, Amana Ruria, Ookusu Tera, Issei Kei, Haon Mika, Manoa Mio, Saaya Ichigo, Miumi Sora, Tsukino Daia, Nanashiro Miyabi, Asaka Yurara



Act I

The story opens at a party in the Casmere Hotel in Southern India, where all the aristocracy and officers gather every summer. Princess Kamala, the eldest granddaughter of the Maharajah of Benares is asked to chose a young man to dance with, and the only one for her is Rachman, a cavalry captain. Also at the party is her grandmother, Indira, and her cousin Krishna, who is like a brother to her. Her family is worried about her obvious affection for a common officer, and her grandmother reminds her of what it will do to her grandfather, should the newspapers start printing the affair.

After a lot of arguing, Kamala agrees to break away from Rachman and never see him again. When he seeks her out, she coldly refuses to have anything more to do with him, pointing out that he could never aspire to someone of her rank. He argues that they're just a man and a woman in love, but she still refuses, and tells him never to try to talk to her again. Hurt, Rachman leaves.

Just after that, the captain of the guard and one of his men arrive to say that they've just received a bulletin from the Paris police: the officer named Rachman is actually a notorious crook and jewel thief called Rajendra! Indira is immediately conscious of the scandal should Rachman be arrested and his name be connected with Kamala's. She orders the guard to call Rachman in to see them.

Rachman arrives and gets the cold shoulder from them all as Jasvir, the guard captain, accuses him of being Rajendra. He begins to protest, but they all turn their backs on him, even Kamala. Disillusioned, he laughs and agrees that he is, indeed, Rajendra. Indira tells him that they will help him to escape in order to avoid scandal, but he refuses. Bitter, he wants to be arrested. She offers him money as well, and he refuses. The only bribe he will accept is a night with Kamala...

Doing a 180, Indira urges her granddaughter to make this sacrifice for the family. Kamala is frightened, and Krishna calms her, telling her he believes she will do the right thing. She goes to see Rachman. They argue and she flinches from him. He becomes more and more angry as they talk and it becomes clear that she s convinced he is a murdering criminal. She reminds him that time is passing, and he agrees he shouldn't waste his night. He drags her off and begins to seduce her, but refuses to force her. Eventually, she gives in.

The next morning, very early, he takes her out dancing among the commoners. They are enjoying themselves and she is finally relaxed when suddenly a drunken man exposes her as the princess. Her dream bubble popped, Kamala flees. In another part of India, Peper is enjoying his current good fortune. We get the impression that he's not the nicest guy in the world, even if he is charismatic...

The Maharajah Chandra has just returned to India with his youngest granddaughter, Rita (Kamala's sister). Rita implores her grandfather for a favor and introduces him to her boyfriend, Peper, whom she is determined to marry. His father is French and his mother Indian, and they met in Paris. Her grandfather refuses to be charmed, so Rita takes off in her car leaving her grandfather abandoned with Peper. Peper agrees to give the Maharajah a ride if he agrees to the engagement. Disgruntled, he agrees.

Later, the Maharajah and Rita run into Rachman by accident, and the Maharajah is very glad to see the young man. It appears that he is in Rachman's debt for something he helped him out with in Paris, and neither was expecting to see the other back in India. When the Maharajah mentions Peper, Rachman demands to know where Peper is staying, and reminds the Maharajah that he should remember meeting Peper before, seven years ago in Paris. The Maharajah remembers, and becomes angry.

The Maharajah and Rita return home to their family at last, bringing Rachman with them. Kamala, Indira, and the rest of the household is shocked to see Rachman, but tell the Maharajah that they've never seen him before. Rachman is darkly amused. Peper is lurking about, flirting with the maidservants. Rita meets with him and he tells her he loves her, but she replies that everyone says those words, and it's impossible to tell who means them and who is lying. He sings to her very earnestly, and just as he finishes, Rachman arrives. He and Peper begin arguing, and it is soon exposed that Peper was just after her money and position. The two men begin fighting, and Kamala arrives with the household guards. She is wildly furious, because after their night together Rachman promised never to show himself in front of her again. He tries to explain, but she refuses to listen. Meanwhile, he exposes Peper as the real Rajendra, and everyone is thrown into chaos. The guards attempt to arrest them both, and both men manage to escape and flee, Rachman with his gun drawn.

Act II

Seven years previous, in Paris...

Rachman is arguing with his father about certain unsavory activities he has been up to of late. His father tells them that he has a responsibility to be an upstanding citizen and that he should stop his bad associations and gambling. A man in a turban bursts into a nightclub, warning that a bad bunch of men are after him. It is the Maharajah Chandra! Rachman's father greets him, and both men are surprised to run into another Indian there.

Suddenly a bunch of rough-looking gangsters barge in, led by Peper. They are angry with the Maharajah for exposing some diamonds as fakes and want him to take back his words. He refuses and wants his money back for purchasing them. An argument begins, and the men draw knives. Rachman's father steps forward to intervene, and Peper's men demand to know who he is. He replies that he is the Maharajah Hariram of Bengal.

Rachman steps forward and it becomes clear that he knows Peper. Rachman reveals that Hariram is his father. Peper is a little taken aback to find out that Rachman is the son of a Maharajah, but agrees to a deal. They'll play dice, and if Rachman wins he'll get Chandra's money back. If Peper wins, he'll get Rachman's life. They roll, and Rachman wins. Angry, Peper draws a gun, but Rachman wrestles it away and a furious Peper leaves, vowing revenge. Rachman then reveals that he switched dice and was sure to win.

Back in the present...

The truth has been revealed and Krishna's wife is worried now about their having rejected Rachman's advances to Kamala, since he is the son of a wealthy and influential Maharajah. Krishna assures her that Rachman loves Kamala and will be back. The Maharajah Chandra admits that he would rather like Rachman as a son in law, and in fact the whole family is behind the idea now. Kamala takes heart. Rachman's return is announced, and the family withdraws strategically, with Krishna telling the Maharajah that they need to give Rachman privacy to propose.

Kamala is overjoyed to see him, but Rachman tells her he has come to say his farewells. She tells him she loves him, and he says she just loved his uniform. Well, he's dropped his commission. She says she loves him out of uniform, and he replies coldly that she loves him better as the Maharajah's heir? Well, he's asked his father to pass over him and make his younger brother heir. He is leaving.

Kamala asks when they'll meet again, and he replies: "Never. After all, I promised never to appear before you again." He departs, leaving a sobbing Kamala behind.

Some years later, in Paris...

Kamala is searching, searching for Rachman. She will spend her whole life looking to meet him again... Meanwhile, in the foggy streets of Paris Rachman sings of the perfect love...

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  1. Originally scheduled to run 09/05 - 09/23 as a national tour, the performance was cancelled due to COVID-19. It was later rescheduled.

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