Love Exclusive

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Show Information
English Title: Love Exclusive
Japanese Title: 恋の特ダネ
Romanized Title: Koi no Tokudane

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1981
Performances: Bow Hall, 2/7 - 2/15

Director: Oozeki Hiromasa
Composer: Nakamoto Kiyozumi
Choreographer: Tsukasa Konomi

Available on DVD: No


Robert, news hound Takashio Tomoe
Sandra, runaway heiress Wakaba Hiromi
Peter, pilot Segawa Kae
Mr. Campbell, Sandra's father, a millionaireKiyokawa Hayami
Mrs. Campbell, Sandra's motherShirogane Akemi
Madam of Two-Ten JackMitaka Keiko
Caroline, journalist, Robert's co-workerMiwa Ari
Paul, editor-in-chief, Robert's boss Yuuki Kyou
PamelaMineoka Nachi

Other Cast: Tatewaki Joze, Arisa Yumika, Kisaragi Mirei, Miyabi Mari, Kazusa Maki, Emi Chinatsu, Yukishiro Marika, Chiho Sayaka, Hitomi Mari, Saho Masayo, Ryou Mio, Azusa Noboru, Mai Kunika, Yuri Kaoru, Kiyo Masami, Haruno Airi, Haruno Arisa, Kai Saharu, Iori Natsuya



A romantic comedy about a dodgy news reporter and a runaway heiress in 1920s America. Although Robert has been working as a reporter for three years, he's a terrible journalist who always manages to miss the exclusives. One day he's ordered by his boss Paul to cover Lindberg's nonstop Atlantic flight. He sets out for the airfield with fellow-journalist Caroline, but unfortunately bad weather makes it seem that the flight won't happen, and then he meets Sandra. Then the two are mistaken as thieves by the police and chased. Actually, Sandra is a millionaire heiress who has run away so that she can marry Peter. Sandra's father has offered a reward for her whereabouts. Sandra and Robert go to see Peter but meet a cold reception....

Other Information

  • This show was performed by Snow Troupe in the same year, with Asami Rei in the lead role.
  • Final performance for long-time Senka member Kiyokawa Hayami and Miwa Ari.


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