Jeanine / Kappa Festival


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English Title: Jeanine / Kappa Festival
Japanese Title: ジャニンヌ / 河童まつり
Romanized Title: Janinnu / Kappa Matsuri

Troupe: Flower
Year: 1951
Performances: Nagoya Takarazuka Theater, 11/16 - 11/23
Shinjin Kouen Performances: n/a


Based On:
Author/Director: Shirai Tetsuzou
Composer: Kawamura Tokuji
Choreographer: Yasumoto Shinji
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo): n/a

Kappa Festival:

Based On:
Author/Director: Takagi Shirou
Composer: Kawasaki Ichirou, Kawamura Tokuji
Choreographer: Izuguchi Setsuko, Watanabe Takeo
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo): n/a

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: n/a


JeanineKusaka Teruko
Gaston DupontUchibuki Misa
Susan JacksonOoji Michio
FreddieYodo Kaoru
Mr. Jackson, Susan's fatherMiyoshi Sakuko
Mrs. Jackson, Susan's motherFujinami Kouko
Jean-JeanMasaki Minoru
CherieYachigusa Kaoru
Kappa Festival
SantaMinakaze Youko
O-Chiyo / PrincessIbuki Yukiko
Saburou / SeisaburouUchibuki Misa
O-Kou / AsariFujinami Kouko
Samon / Prince SamonOoji Michio
Umon / Prince UmonMiyoshi Sakuko
Kappa KanpeiYachigusa Kaoru
Kappa KansukeMasaki Minoru
Shrine Maiden / Spy EbikoKusaka Teruko
Gonji / Prime Minister KurouemonNarumi Ushio
Shinto PriestWakazakura Kaoru
O-Katsu / Ambassador of the Crimson KingdomOotsu Hiromi
The KingYodo Kaoru
Ambassador of the White KingdomKoga Tsunemi

Other Cast: Asahi Hikaru, Izumi Sayoko, Akebono Mayumi, Sakurano Miyako, Uraji Chizuru, Kumoji Tazunu, Kogaura Mitsuko, Kasugai Akemi, Sugata Miyako, Mikasa Hiroko, Mikasa Hiroko, Aoi Yukiko, Akino Tamako, Asahina Yoshiko, Mikasano Moeko, Matsukaze Ryouko, Kinugasa Midori, Kokonoe Chizuru, Kojou Tsukiko, Maki Katsumi, Haruna Hatsumi, Haru Hitomi, Jou Midori, Funakoshi Kaoru, Sakae Miyuki, Wakashio Shibuki, Kujou Reiko




Mr. Jackson, who runs a millinery in England, has engaged his daughter Susan to the son of a French milliner, named Gaston Dupont. Susan heads to Nice to meet with Gaston. Although Susan has been studying French with her father's French secretary Jeanine, she still can't speak it, so Jeanine accompanies her to Nice.

Mr. Jackson's secretary Freddie tells his employer that he is in love with his daughter and would like to marry her, and is fired. He follows Susan to Nice. When Freddie tells Jeanine that Susan's fiance is Gaston Dupont, she is shocked. In the past, she and Gaston had been lovers, but because Gaston's parents had opposed them she had left France to go work in England.

When Gaston sees Jeanine with Susan, he is very surprised. In the end, Susan admits she had been refusing to learn French in the hopes that the engagement would be called off, because she loves Freddie. When Gaston hears this, he admits that he also has a lover. Susan's parents arrive and although they are at first furious, Gaston talks them down and Mr. Jackson finally gives the couple of Freddie and Susan his blessing.

Kappa Festival

In a village near a pond where Kappa are said to live, a boy named Saburou and a girl named O-Chiyo are in love. A boy named Santa also loves O-Chiyo, but she is too in love with Saburou to even see him. Santa's mother O-Katsu wants Sant to marry O-Kou. O-Kou loves Santa, but he is too in love with O-Chiyo to even see her.

O-Chiyo's father Gonji wants his daughter to marry Samon, the son of a family he has a long association with, or Umon from a neighboring village, so he opposes the match between O-Chiyo and Saburou.

O-Kou knows that Santa really loves O-Chiyo, and because she is kind-hearted she resolves to give up on her love and plays the taiko drums and prays for Santa's happiness. Santa, meanwhile, spots O-Chiyo and Saburou confessing their love together near the Kappa pond and in his heartbreak he leaps into the pond.

In the pond, Santa meets two kappa bothers (Kanpei and Kansuke), who take him to their village and introduce him to the Blue Kingdom of the kappa. There Santa sees things happen that could never happen in the human world. The Blue Kingdom has a lovely princess whom Prince Ukon of the White Kingdom and Prince Sakon of the Crimson Kingdom are trying to win as their wife. Prime Minister Kurouemon of the Blue Kingdom has an evil heart, and is plotting to kill the princess and take over the kingdom.

The princess has no intention of marrying either of the foreign princess, because she is in love with kappa General Seisaburou, who also is secretly also in love with her, although only her lady-in-waiting Asari knows this.

As Santa and the kappa brothers are walking along, they see the princess and Asari also walking, and see Kurouemon attempt to kill the princess. They interfere and save her life, and she makes them lords in thanks. Kanpei falls in love with Asari at first glance, while Kansuke has been in love with a sweet girl named Ebiko for a long time.

Ebiko actually works for Kurouemon, so after his plot is thwarted, she puts poison into Santa's food at a banquet. However, Kansuke goes to eat it instead and Ebiko cries out that it is poisoned to stop him, thus exposing another plot by Kurouemon.

The princess gets out of marrying the foreign princes by tricking her father into saying she could marry whoever she chose, and then declaring that she chose Seisaburou.

Santa hears O-Kou playing her drums and misses her. He calls out her name and finds himself returning to the human realm. Santa declares he will marry O-Kou and she is joyful. Saburou and O-Chiyo also have finally been given permission to marry, and so the story ends happily for everyone.

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