Fiery Bolero / Music Revolution!

Chirashi Boleromurev

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English Title: Fiery Bolero / Music Revolution! -New Spirit-
Japanese Title: 炎のボレロ / Music Revolution! -New Spirit-
Romanized Title: Honoo no Borero / Music Revolution! -New Spirit-

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2020
Performances: Umeda Arts Theater[1], 08/29 - 09/06[2]

Fiery Bolero:

Based On:
Author: Shibata Yukihiro
Director: Nakamura Satoru

Music Revolution!

Author / Director: Nakamura Kazunori

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 11/30/20)
Available on DVD: No
Blu-Ray Scene/Music Cuts: No


Albert Casals, second son of the Marquis of Casals, who was brutally murdered Ayakaze Sakina
Caterina Dolores, daughter of the Earl Dolores Jun Hana
Earl Dolores, Caterina's father Souno Haruto
Countess Honorine Auge, Duke Brasseur's mistress Chikaze Karen
Ubongo, master of an alehouse, secretly belongs to the Republicans Touma Kazuki
Tyrone, a servant; actually a spy for Duke Brasseur Mana Haruto
NathalieShouno Chio
Duke Brasseur, chief cabinet secretary of Emperor Maximilian's government Kujou Asu
Carmen Anno Konomi
Gerard Cremant, French captain of military intelligence Asami Jun
Juan, Albert's friend; a Republican Amatsuki Tsubasa
BonitaShiramine Yuri
LolitaSara Anna
Roland, Duke Brasseur's son, Caterina's fiance Kanou Yuuri
Alicia Seina Nozomi
Monica, works at Ubongo's alehouse; Gerard's lover Irodori Michiru
LisaKirara Umi
Ringo, a Republican Shiose Kazami
Theodore Yume Maoto
Flamingo, leader of the Republicans Agata Sen
Miranda Kotohane Riri
JulioMochizuki Atsuno
MicheleAsato Mire
Bamboleo Asazumi Mare
ElenaArisu Himeka
GonzálezMayuzuki Rea
FrasquitaNeiro Yui
Second Lieutenant PierreKishiro Yuriya

Other Cast: Suzuhana Miu, Mareha Rinto, Rina Kurumi, Manahi Michi, Nanoha Mito, Kotomine Saara, Kisui Naoto



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Set in the second half of the 19th century in Mexico. Maximilian I has declared himself emperor of Mexico with the support of Napoleon III of France, but his government never completely defeated the Republican forces. Albert Casals has sworn revenge against Duke Brasseur, who murdered his parents and elder brother while he was away studying abroad.

On the night of a spring festival, Albert meets Caterina, who is running away from home. In truth, she is the daughter of Earl Dolores, and the fiancee of Duke Brasseur's son, Roland. Albert and Caterina fall in love.

Gerard Cremant, a French military intelligence officer, tries to kill Brasseur and defects to Albert's side. Gerard is dying of leukemia, but is determined to follow Albert in the time he has left. He is supported by his lover Monica, who works at the alehouse of Ubongo, a secret Republican supporter.

Albert joins the Republicans. For the sake of their country, and for the sake of revenge for their families, the Republicans rise up against Brasseur....

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  1. Originally scheduled to run 05/02 - 05/26 as a national tour, the tour run was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Original Tour Schedule
5/2 - 5/4Umeda Arts Theater (Osaka)
5/7Yokkaichi City Cultural Center (Mie Prefecture)
5/9Ichikawa City Cultural Center (Chiba Prefecture)
5/12Omiya Sonic City (Saitama Prefecture)
5/13Fuchu Forest Art Theater (Tokyo)
5/15 - 5/17Matsuyama Civic Center (Ehime Prefecture)
5/19Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall
5/21Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall
5/23 - 5/26Fukuoka City Civic Hall

2. Although rescheduled to run 08/17 - 08/25, performances were suspended before opening with dates 08/29 - 09/06.

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