Don Juan

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English Title: Don Juan
Japanese Title: ドン ・ ジュアン
Romanized Title: Don Juan

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2024
Performances: Misonoza, 07/16 - 08/01

Based On: French musical Don Juan un Spectacle Musical written by Félix Gray in 2003
Original Author: Félix Gray
Adaptor/Director: Ikuta Hirokazu

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Don JuanTowaki Sea
Maria, Don Juan's lover Hoshizora Misaki
Don Luis, Don Juan's father Ema Naoki
Isabel, Don Juan's former lover Miho Keiko
Fernando / Beauty of Andalusia Shimon Yuriya
Sganarelle Kureha Maki
Grand Master / Ghost Ayaki Hikari
Paloma Rinno Shizuka
Juanita Sakino Mion
Nacho / Romani singer Mano Kazuma
Antonio Taou Shun
Sergio Ryouha Mare
Don Carlo, close friend of Don Juan Kinami Raito
Tamara Shiki Sumire
Daughter of the Grand Master / Sandra Futaba Yuyu
Raphael, Maria's fiance Amashiro Rein
Elvira, Don Juan's wife Mihane Ai
Jose Misora Maru
Lucia Marena Yui
Carla Koharu Himeka
Marcelo Ryou Mikuru

Other Cast: Aoki Tsukasa, Reaki Mira, Tsukishou Kira, Miharu Ayu, Kiran Rune, Sakura Saki, Taki Mirai, Matoi Ryou, Misui Seira, Hanamichi Rara, Kiryou Jun, Suishou Serina, Tsukiyo Rei, Yumeki Maika



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Spain, Andalusia region. Seville is covered in red dust.
There was a man, who lived a life of vice and debauchery, pursuing women, alcohol, and dizzying pleasure.
His name was Don Juan, who has been hated by all men and who charmed many women.
There was one night. Don Juan seduces the daughter of the noble knight commander, according to his desires.
The commander of the knights, angered after learning that his daughter has been defiled, bravely challenges Don Juan to a duel, but is killed by his's merciless sword.
However, when the battle is over and Don Juan is about to leave, an eerie shadow stands in his way. That was certainly the ghost of the knight commander who was supposed to be buried with his own hands.
One day you will die from "love". "Love" will become a curse, – and the ghost disappears before Don Juan, leaving behind his cursed words.
Words from a ghost...
Without fear, Don Juan continues to live in pleasure day and night. However, his fate changes when he meets Maria, a sculptor who creates a stone statue of the leader of the knights. And that was the beginning of the "curse of love" that led to his destruction...

After its premiere in Canada in 2004, the musical "Don Juan" has been performed in Paris and other parts of the world, and will be held in 2024, on 20th anniversary of the musical, which is currently on a world tour. The Takarazuka Revue held its first performance in Japan in 2016, starring Nozomi Fuuto of the Snow Troupe, and received rave reviews for its impressive number of songs and the dramatic stage set by the performers' passionate flamenco rhythms. We are pleased to present the long-awaited re-performance of this French musical as the unveiling performance of Flower Troupe new top combi Towaki Sea and Hoshizora Misaki.  

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