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English Title: Casanova
Japanese Title: Casanova

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2019
Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 02/08 - 03/11; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 03/29 - 04/28
Shinjin Kouen Performances: Takarazuka Grand Theater, 02/26; Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, 04/11

Based On: the life of Giacomo Casanova
Author / Director: Ikuta Hirokazu
Composer: Dove Attia, Oota Takeshi, Aoki Tomoko
Choreographer: Miori Yumino, Sakuragi Ryousuke, AYAKO, Hasegawa Tatsuya
Conductor (Takarazuka): Oota Takeshi
Conductor (Tokyo):
Shinjin Kouen Director: Sashida Shuko

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 04/26/19)
Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 04/26/19)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No


RoleCastShinko Cast
Giacomo Casanova, a matchless playboy Asumi Rio Hozumi Mahiro
Beatrice, Foscarini's daughter and heir Senna Ayase Hana Yuuki
Antonio Condulmer di Pietro, head inquisitor for political offenses Yuzuka Rei Seino Asuka
Count Michele, a count concealing his identityNatsumi You Ichinose Kouki
Foscarini, viceroy of VeniceTakashou Mizuki Takamine Jun
Lady Solce, one of Casanova's lovers; Antonio Condulmer's former loverHanano Juria Itotsuki Yukiha
Sophia Valecci, proprietress of the Casino di VeniceMebuki Yukina Wakakusa Moeka
Constantine, a rich man of the upper classSeto Kazuya Izumi Maira
Grimani, senior member of the Council of TenSaezuki Runa Tatsuki Mio
Luna, Lady Condulmer's faithful servant Shiraki Akari Rinno Shizuka
Camilla, court lady Marika Yume Suzumina Natsuki
Lady Condulmer, Antonio Condulmer's wife; interested in black magic Houzuki An Maisora Hitomi
Daniela, Beatrice's lady-in-waiting Ousaki Ayaka Oto Kurisu
Sir Bragadino, member of the Council of Ten; Casanova's co-conspirator Wataru Hibiki Haruya Yuuri
Miranda, court lady Mihana Rino Ouzuki Noa
Dido, member of the Council of Ten Maizuki Nagisa Ryouka Kina
Jean Baptiste Mannucci, inquisitor for political offenses Kazumi Shou Serina Ei
Paccina, cortigiana honesta Kaga Ririka Rinka Mone
Momoro, gondolier Haryuu Mitsuki Naoto Akira
Father Marino Barbi, prisoner Minami Maito Mano Kazuma
Marte, Lady Condulmer's faithful servant Mahou Tsugumi Miku Rinka
Mercurio, Lady Condulmer's faithful servant Otohane Emi Futaba Yuyu
Balbo Tomasi, inquisitor for political offenses Yuunami Kei Taou Shun
Giove, Lady Condulmer's faithful servant Sarasa Nachi Aira Miko
da Mura, member of the Council of Ten Chiyuki Aki Rio Hikaru
Henriette, a beautiful woman who dresses as a man Shiroki Mirei Sakino Mion
Puccina, cortigiana honesta Haruhi Urara Shiki Sumire
Lorenzo, prison guard Kureha Maki Kazu Reisa
Roberto Kureha Maki Amashiro Rein
Monica, court lady Hina Ririka Kotomi Kurara
Mozart, composer whom the viceroy has requested to write an opera Ayaki Hikari Kinami Raito
Sagredo, member of the Council of Ten Aomiya Ruka Kaito Asahi
Balsamo, a fake alchemist Hiryuu Tsukasa Tsubasa Anju
Barbarigo, member of the Council of Ten Mineka Towa Hayami Shiosa
Bettina, cortigiana honesta Marei Sayana -
Alviso, member of the Council of Ten Sumizuki Naoto Aoki Tsukasa
Antonio Valecci, Sylvia's son; Manon's older brother Hozumi Mahiro Ryouha Mare
Venera, Lady Condulmer's faithful servant Oto Kurisu Miyahime Koko
Count Medini, a fraud and a gambler Seino Asuka Yuki Daiya
Serafina, Balsamo's wife Hana Yuuki Asanoha Kotono
Saturno, Lady Condulmer's faithful servant Sakino Mion Misato Reina
Manon Valecci, Sylvia's daughter; Antonio Valecci's younger sister Maisora Hitomi Mihane Ai

Other Cast: Hakuto Seira, Reiya Rion



(From the official Takarazuka Revue web site)

 During the 18th century, at the height of Rococo culture, Giacomo Casanova charmed the ladies and enjoyed his earthly affairs as he traveled across Europe. Set in Venice, the city of water against the Adriatic Sea, a new story of adventure unfolds for Casanova, who dreamed of freedom and longed for true love.

 Commanding the affection of womankind, Casanova's myriad of scandals has caused him to be prosecuted and shackled by the Venice Political Offense Inquest Office for the crime of sorcery for fraud and womanizing. However, Casanova in pursuit of love and adventure, maps out an intricate plan and finally breaks out of prison. As Casanova tries to flee from Venice under cover of the chaos of the carnival, it is revealed to him by the hand of God that he will encounter life-changing love on his way to Milano.

 The love of his life, his femme fatale, was Beatrice, the niece of the governor of Venice. Having completed her studies at a convent, book-loving Beatrice was a progressive woman who was hesitant to lead the preordained life of a girl born into the aristocracy. Highly conscientious, Beatrice harbored hostility against the scandalous Casanova until she met him without knowing that he was Casanova and became attracted to his free spirit.

 At the same time, investigator Condulmer of the Political Offense Inquest Office pursues the fugitive Casanova tirelessly. Though his love was stolen by Casanova, he has other reasons for his avid pursuit...

 "Life needs love and adventure"—bound by nothing but himself, where does Casanova find an end to his journey of love for women and freedom?

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