Boogie-Woogie Hotel / In Your Heart Again

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English Title: Boogie-Woogie Hotel / In Your Heart Again
Japanese Title: ブギウギホテル / 再び君が胸に
Romanized Title: Bugiugi Hoteru / Futatabi Kimi ga Mune ni

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1950
Performances: Nagoya Takarazuka Theater, 02/04 - 02/13
Shinjin Kouen Performances: n/a

Boogie-Woogie Hotel:

Based On:
Author/Director/Choreographer: Takagi Shirou
Composer: Kawamura Tokuji
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo): n/a

In Your Heart Again:

Based On:
Author/Director: Hori Seiki
Composer: Sakai Kyou, Yamane Hisao
Choreographer: Yoshitomi Ichirou
Conductor (Takarazuka): n/a
Conductor (Tokyo): n/a

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: n/a


Boogie-Woogie Hotel
Kay, Sam's fianceeAwashima Chikage
Sam, a comedian, George's friendKuji Asami
Adolf, Hotel owner, George's fatherMiyoshi Sakuko
Grandpa Porton, Sam's grandpaOki Yukiko
Pat, a comedianKiyokawa Hayami
MarthaKamiuta Misuzu
GeorgeFurusato Chiaki
Sally, a dancerUrashima Utame
In Your Heart Again
Ferenc Korner, Hungarian cavalry captainKuji Asami
Victoria Harding, daughter of the duke / Julie la Rose, singer in AlgeriaAwashima Chikage
Count Gustav von Oettingen, a navy lieutenantFurusato Chiaki
Duke Harding, Victoria's fatherShiga Ryuuko
CountKiyokawa Hayami
ElisabethKamiuta Misuzu
Gypsy ManOki Yukiko
Katsuragi Yutaka
Gertrude / Francois CremantMiyoshi Sakuko
RosalindeKazuki Sumie
Flora / ManonTsukushi Mari
Lisa / IvanofMiyama Sakura
HannaTazuru Chieko
SingerShizumachi Misayo
CharlotteSaga Miyaji
AnnieShijou Hideko
ElsaTsubasa Hikaru
GretheYumi Azusa
JeanneHizakura Youko

Other Cast: Asagiri Sanae, Miyama Shigure, Yanagi Sumi, Sakuraji Michiyo, Shirahama Masami, Tsukibue Sayaka, Yamadori Akemi, Miyamaji Shizuka, Satsuki Kazuya, Suga Umeyo, Ozuki Taeko, Asaka Mitsuru, Hoshimiya Masami, Mikasa Mari, Hoshi Youko



Boogie-Woogie Hotel

When George's father goes to Europe for business, he uses the opportunity to transform his father's hotel in New York City into a show theater called the "Boogie-Woogie Hotel" together with his good friend Sam. They also employ comedians and dancers, like Sally, whom both are in love with. Sam quickly makes his move and confesses to Sally.

Sam's grandfather shows up unexpectedly from out west along with Sam's fiancee Kay. Sam and Kay have been engaged since they were little, an arrangement of their parents. George's father Adolf also unexpectedly returns, and when he hears what his son has been up to he is furious!

The two have borrowed thousands of dollars for their scheme and now owe some gangsters, on top of everything else.

Eventually, things are sorted out and Sam and Kay are reunited and fall in love.

In Your Heart Again

Victoria is daughter to Duke Harding, and her birthday celebration in Vienna is a spectacle of the season, including gentlemen, soldiers, and ladies from all over Europe. Among them is Count Gustav von Oettingen, who has been like a brother to her as they were raised close together, and who society expects her to marry eventually. At the party she meets a Hungarian cavalry captain named Ferenc Korner, and the two fall in love.

When her mother learns what has happened, she sends Victoria to Venice for a short time. Meanwhile, gossip travels all over, as Korner is a flirt and many ladies would like to get closer to him. Victoria's mother uses the gossip to show her how much below her station to her Korner is, and eventually Victoria rebuffs Korner's feelings. Stung and ashamed, Korner leaves Vienna.

Knowing her true feelings for Korner, Gustav gently warns her not to betray her heart.

Many years later, we find Korner in Morocco, a member of the French Foreign Legion, which is composed of the dregs of humanity. Having turned his back on his feelings for Victoria, Korner has very little hope left. The soldiers of the legion spend their free time in a local bar, which is where Korner sees the singer Julie, who looks exactly like Victoria and stirs up old wounds. He gets into a brawl, wounds someone and is imprisoned.

Some time later, as his sentence is up, Korner is called to the visitation room, where he sees Count Gustav and Victoria. Seeing her there, being called by his old title of "Captain Korner" by Victoria and realizing she has tracked him down here in the desert touches him. Some days later, Korner's friend Francois Cremant tells him he has spent five years in the French Foreign Legion and needs to leave before he keeps on this path to his own destruction.

In a hotel in Casablanca, Victoria is waiting. Gustav appears with Korner, who has left the legion. Gustav has told Korner how Victoria has been sad for the past five years, how she gave up her position in society and even went to his hometown in Hungary. Gustav watches kindly as the two board a ship and leave Casablanca, bound together for Hungary.

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