irimachi (入り待ち): literally, "awaiting arrival"

Refers to the custom of waiting at the stage door for stars to arrive before a performance or when going to rehearsals (see okeiko-machi). This is a tradition honored among Takarazuka fans and fan clubs since approximately the 1970s.

In the Takarazuka area, top stars and nibante generally pass by and greet their fan club members, often collecting letters and gifts from them before entering the theater. Stars with smaller clubs may walk and talk with their fans for some distance on their way to the theater. Club members have a designated place at which to wait together for their star and can be recognized by their distinctive club wear. When the star is in rehearsal and not performing, club members do not don their wear and may have slightly different procedures. Stars without official fan clubs may meet up with fans at a more distant location, and generally do not walk with them to the theater.

In the Tokyo area, where there is less space, all stars simply greet their fans and collect letters without walking with them. This tends to also be the case for other non-main theater venues. Again, stars without official fan clubs may meet up with fans at a more distant / secluded location.

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