daihyou (代表): literally, "representative"

The head of a star's fan club, sometimes referred to as the "club president" by English-speaking fans. The daihyou is a woman in all reported cases, and sometimes a relative of the star or an acquaintance from before her entrance into Takarazuka. Other times she may have been one of the star's earliest fans, and/or a wealthy woman who has the time and dedication to run a fan club. Due to differences in opinion or difficulties in maintaining a club, the daihyou may change during the course of the star's career.

This is generally the person through whom all club business is conducted, including acceptance of new members, allotment of tickets, production of star goods, planning and presiding over tea parties, and a number of other tasks. They are often seen carrying a star's rehearsal bags, gifts from fans, etc. during irimachi and demachi, and/or holding a box emblazoned with the fan club name to distribute tickets to members before a performance.

Within any given troupe, all daihyou of registered clubs (see kai-touroku) report to and consult with the daihyou of the top star's club. While the idea of a "club president" may seem to suggest great privilege and intimate contact with a star, a daihyou often works tirelessly behind the scenes to give other members a good experience within the club.

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