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Stage Name: Aya
Real Name: Annie
Role: Musumeyaku
Birthday: October
Hometown: Los Angeles
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Flower: Sakura
Favorite Colors: Blue, Black, Rose
Hobbies: Takarazuka, Cosplay, Performing, Singing, Reading
Special Talent: Singing, the abilitly to shop all day and night and do it again the next day.
Favorite Roles: Most of the Der Tods and Elisabeths, Kanami Ayano as Gwendolyn, Jun Sena as Jack, Hiromu Kiriyan as Algernon, Tatsuki Koju as Andre in Versailles no Bara.
Would Like to Try Playing: The role of Elisabeth!

More Info

I am a fan of music, theatre, art, and dance. I am a cosplayer and performer in my extremely spare time and music is my passion in life. I have been trained for choral and opera music, trained as a pianist for six years, and trained for figure skating and equestrian events.

I have known of Takarazuka for the past four years or so and been a devoted fan for three. I like to call it an investment of sorts ^^ I have too many favorite stars to name because I think they're all amazing and talented actresses but notable favorites include Ayaki Nao, Sena Jun, Kiriya Hiromu, Kozuki Wataru, Aran Kei, and Ayano Kanami just to name a few. Most of my favorite actresses are in Moon Troupe but I have my picks in each troupe :) My favorite shows include Elisabeth, Versailles no Bara, Ernest in Love, Singing in the Rain, and Guys & Dolls.

My personal domain is at Infected-Charm.net and serves as the portal to all my websites.

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