The Viking of Capri / The Big Apple

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English Title: The Viking of Capri / The Big Apple
Japanese Title: 白鳥の道を越えて/ザ・ビッグ・アップル
Romanized Title: Hakuchou no Michi o Koete / Za Biggu Appuru

Troupe: Moon
Year: 1982
Performances: National Tour, 5/1 - 5/15
Shinjinkouen Performances: n/a

The Viking of Capri:

Based On: Kikuta Kazuo's "Hana to Nobushi"
Author/Director: Ako Takeshi

The Big Apple:

Author/Director: Sakai Sumio

Available on DVD: No
Available on Blu-Ray: No
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: n/a


Robert Hauteville Haruna Yuri
Guiscard (Robert's younger brother) Daichi Mao
ReginaGojou Aisen

Other Cast: Mizushiro Tamamo, Fujishiro Jun, Ariake Jun, Jou Haruki, Seri Machika, Tsurugi Miyuki, Yuu Hikari, etc.



Show summaries taken from the English section of the Shinjuku Koma program, with some spelling corrections.

The Viking of Capri

This story takes place in the middle of the eleventh century.

A group of Norman pirates, descendents of the renowned and feared Vikings, attack and conquer parts of Southern Italy. One of thepirate clans, the Hauteville family, has its headquarters on the isle of Capri. This clan has been waiting and watching for an opportunity to attack the other clans. The Hautevilles are determined to make Napoli and the surrounding area their own kingdom.

Rodrigo is the head of the family. He and his wife Margarita have two sons, Robert and Guiscard. The elder son, Robert, is brave but kind and he is adored by all his clansmen. Among the clan's followers, Paulo and Garbo, a gypsy brother and sister, love Robert more dearly than do any of his blood relatives.

Rodrigo treats Robert coldly and he is determined to make Guiscard his successor. In fact, Robert is not Rodrigo's child. About twenty years before, Rodrigo had attacked a Spanish merchant vessel off the coast of Majorca. He killed the Spanish captain and captured the captain's wife. This woman, Margarita (although pregnant at the time with the captain's child), became Rodrigo's wife. That child was Robert. Rodrigo became obsessed with the thought that someday revenge would be sought for the slaying of Robert's real father.

By chance Rodrigo learns that Robert is making plans to attack Napoli on his own. The father orders Guiscard to kill his half-brother. Robert tries to avoid this trouble by leaving Capri alone. It's too late, Guiscard and his men overtake Robert....

The Big Apple

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