The Journalist and the Emperor


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English Title: The Journalist and the Emperor
Japanese Title: 記者と皇帝
Romanized Title: Kisha to Koutei

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2011
Performances: Nippon Seinenkan, 3/4 - 3/10; Bow Hall, 3/17 - 3/27

Based On: events surrounding the life of Joshua Abraham Norton
Author / Director: Oono Takuji

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 1/12/13)


Arthur King (the son of a wealthy family; after a study abroad, is learning to be a journalist) Hokushou Kairi
Lotta Bligh (formerly a dancer, now a journalist) Sumireno Rei
Joshua Norton (a vagrant calling himself Emperor of the United States) Isono Chihiro
Adelaide Neilson (a famous star) Suzuna Saya
Daryl Chamberlain (head of janitorial services; intends to run for mayor) Kazari Jin
Mark Stevenson (owner and editor-in-chief of "The San Francisco Evening") Toki Irisu
Marceline Auligneise (seller at a street stand) Ayane Raira
Douglas Reeve (Arthur's best friend; falls in love with Becky) Hasumi Yuuya
Brian O'Neil (a Senator; Christie's older brother) Nagina Ruumi
Christie O'Neil (a wealthy young lady; Arthur's fiancee) Aihana Chisaki
Jessica Murphy (a dancer at Palace Hotel) / Mary Jane (Daryl's wife) Kanon Mai
Benjamin Hayward (owner of Palace Hotel; Brian's underling) Kazahane Reia
Edmund Farmer (owner of a large bank; Brian's underling) Amakaze Ibuki
Harold Marshall (chief of police; Brian's underling) Tenrei Mion
Herbert Neumann (an Anglican priest) / Dancer Sumiki Sayato
Polly Corgan (a dancer at Palace Hotel) Maika Kurumi
Gill Keller (a jailer) Amaki Tonika
Maggy Culkin (a dancer at Palace Hotel) Yumeri Miko
Deborah Dolittle (Adelaide's pupil) Nanase Ririko
Lori O'Brien (a dancer at Palace Hotel) Aishiro Moa
Kitty Cusack (a dancer at Palace Hotel) Yumesuzu Rian
Bruce Redman (an employment agent for the military; Brian's underling) Aizuki Hikaru
Harley Puckley (a newsboy; loves the Emperor's dog Lazarus) Yukino Kokomi
Becky Lang (a dancer at Palace Hotel; Lotta's close friend) Sakurane Rei
Johnathan Taylor (a tailor employed by the O'Neil household) Hoshizuki Rio
Benjy Stiles (a working boy; loves the Emperor's dog Bummer) Hanasaki Airi
Hank Hodgkiss (staff at Palace Hotel) Haruse Ouki
Murphy McDonnell (an apprentice butler to the King household) Sakuragi Minato
Debbie Nicholson (a dancer at Palace Hotel) Suzuka Maya
Sarah King (Arthur's younger sister) Reimi Urara



A play set in San Francisco during the latter half of the 19th century. In reaction to his bankruptcy, a man becomes caught up in the delusion that he is an 'emperor'; his behavior garners popularity among the people. Counting on the popularity of 'Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico', newspaper journalists mix truths and falsehoods in their stories and fight each other for circulation numbers. A populist comedy portraying struggle and love.

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