The Count's Daughter


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English Title: The Count's Daughter
Japanese Title: 伯爵令嬢
Romanized Title: Hakushaku Reijou

Troupe: Snow
Year: 2014
Performances: Nissay Theater, 10/11 - 10/31

Based On: The manga Hakushaku Rejou by Hosokawa Chieko
Author/Director: Ikuta Hirokazu
Composer: Oota Takeshi, Okada Ayumi
Choreographer: Hayama Kiyomi, Miori Yumino, Sakuragi Ryousuke

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 01/30/15)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: No


Alain d'Orléans (son of a duke)Sagiri Seina
Corinne (raised in an orphanage, lost her memory in an accident at sea)Sakihi Miyu
François (a young man who has sworn revenge against Alain)Yumeno Seika
Richard (a blind man who swore love to Corinne) Ayanagi Shou
Duc d'Orléans (Alain's father) Natsumi You
Madeleine (daughter of Count Ronsard, a widow)Miho Keiko
Head Doctor (doctor at Bretagne Orphanage) / Mrs. Claire (a servant of the duc d'Orléans)Rika Masumi
Jeanne (François's mistress)Maisaki Rin
Count Ronsard (searches for the granddaughter he never knew)Houshou Dai
Louise (young woman who yearns for Alain)Satsuki Aina
Morris (thief who works with Anna)Renjou Makoto
Yvette (a servant of Count Ronsard)Chikaze Karen
Elisa (young woman who follows Alain)Konohana Inori
Dr. JullietTouma Kazuki
Julian (François's father) / French Boat CaptainOuga Mitsuki
Butler (Alain's butler, stubborn and eccentric)Mana Haruto
Eugenne (young woman who follows Alain)Shouno Chio
Jean (boy at the orphanage) / Daniela (female secretary at Alain's newspaper)Maisono Ruri
Pierre (hot-blooded reporter at Alain's newspaper)Kiraha Reo
Céline (woman at Jeanne's pub)Anno Konomi
Alfred (Julian's secretary, François's guardian)Amatsuki Tsubasa
President (president of France)Kazushiro Runa
Robert (friend of Richard)Tachibana Kou
Belle (Alain's maid)Himehana Yukino
Susanne (woman at Jeanne's pub)Aoi Miki
Elise (young woman who follows Alain)Sara Anna
Simon (secretary at Alain's newspaper)Kanou Yuuri
Ronsard Family ButlerMinazuki Maki
Mayor (mayor of Bretagne) / Ronsard Family ButlerShinjou Makara
Sophie (girl at the orphanage)Seina Nozomi
Anna (a cunning female thief who is jealous of Corinne, partner with Morris)Arisa Hitomi
Ronsard Family MaidYumenoka Mai
Joseph (Richard's friend)Kanami Sena
Gravedigger's WifeSenami Haya
Gino (newspaper boy who looks up to Alain)Suwa Saki
Bebe (girl at the orphanage)Nonoka Himari
Female Boat PassengerSakurara Karan



From Friendship Scans

Corinne is a lively girl who lives in a poor orphanage in the romantic France at the end of 19th century. Her neighbor is a wealthy nobleman named Richard, who unfortunately has lost his sight at a young age. Corinne's kindness has brought warmth to Richard's frozen heart, and he fell in love with her even though he does not know her appearance. However, Richard's friend Alain, who is also a nobleman, also fell in love with Corinne. He is determined to win her heart at any cost, including pressuring her and lying to her.

One day, Corinne received a message telling her that her family is still alive and that they are aristocrats in Paris! It is an opportunity of a life time! Unfortunately, Corinne met an impoverished thief named Anna during her trip, and Anna was very jealous of Corinne's good fortunes. Fate has it that their ship sank in a storm, and Anna decided to impersonate Corinne to live a life of comfort. However, Corinne was rescued, but she can't remember anything at all! Alain found out about this, and lied to her her that he is her fiance! Will Corinne meet Richard again, or will she choose Alain despite his lies?

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