The Legend of King Arthur


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English Title: The Legend of King Arthur <La Légende du roi Arthur>
Japanese Title: アーサー王伝説
Romanized Title: Aasaa Ou Densetsu

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2016
Performances: Bunkyo Civic Hall, 10/14 - 10/19; Theater Drama City, 10/28 - 11/09

Based On: La Légende du roi Arthur
Author: Dove Attia and Francois Chouquet
Composers: Zaho, Silvio Lisbonne, Rod Janois, Orelsan, Skread
Adaption/Director: Ishida Masaya
Music Adaptation: Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Wakao Risa, AYAKO

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 08/13/21)
Available on DVD: Yes (release date 1/27/2017)
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: None

Arthur (King of Camelot) Tamaki Ryou
Guinevere (Arthur's wife, the Queen) Manaki Reika
Morgane (a sorceress, Arthur's elder half-sister) Miya Rurika
Lancelot (Knight of the Lake, Knight of the Round Table) Asami Jun
King Leodegrance (Guinevere's father, ruler of the neighboring land) Ayazuki Seri
Gawain (Knight of the Round Table) Shimon Yuriya
Urien (Knight of the Round Table) Takachi Ao
Anna (Guinevere's nurse) Saki Akane
Merlin (a wizard, Arthur's counselor) Chinami Karan
Aglovale (Knight of the Round Table) Takasumi Hayato
Percival (Knight of the Round Table) Kijou Mitsuru
Leia (Morgane's minion, a lesser demon, elder sister) Saotome Wakaba
Grainne (Chief lady-in-waiting at Arthur's court) Kousaki Ran
Meliagrance (a knight who bears a grudge against Arthur) Kizuki Yuuma
Breunor (Knight of the Round Table) Yuu Hikaru
Gingalain (Knight of the Round Table) Hayaki Yuuto
Aremira (Amir?) (Knight of the Round Table) Souya Tomoki
Hellawes (Morgane's minion, a lesser demon, younger sister) Umino Mitsuki
Kay (Arthur's older brother) Kashiro Aoi
Lucan (Knight of the Round Table) Aose Yuuki
Arianrhod (Goddess of young girls) Yukarino Koyuki
Caradoc (Knight of the Round Table) Souma Seren
Gareth (Knight of the Round Table) Shizaki Reno
Ector (Knight of the Round Table) Hanabusa Kaoto
Sagramore (Knight of the Round Table) Asahi Tsubasa
Pelleas (Knight of the Round Table) Arata Tokiya
Young Arthur Natsukaze Kiki
Young Meliagrance Hisumi Rin

Other Cast: Samomo Satsuki, Misato Yumeno, Akane Konatsu, Sakurana Ai, Himesaki Mirei, Kiyoka Ran, Hiina Rin, and Hiumi Arisa



Based on the French pop rock musical La Légende du roi Arthur by Dove Attia (of 1789 fame) which opened in Paris in September 2015. This is a dramatic original musical based on the story of the Celtic King Arthur. Arthur brings Guinevere to Camelot to be his queen, and together with his Knights of the Round Table works to protect his kingdom from the threat of the Saxons. Then one day Sir Lancelot du Lac appears in Camelot, wishing to become one of the Knights of the Round Table....

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