Takigawa Sueko




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Standard Profile Information

Name: Takigawa Sueko
Kanji: 瀧川 末子
Current Troupe: n/a
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired (kumichou)

Real Name: Takenaka Misao (竹中操)
Birthday: January 27th
Blood Type:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flower:
Favorite Colors:
Special Talent:
Origin of Stage Name: the poem of emperor Sutoku from the One Hundred Poems Antology
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing:

Joined: December 1913 (2nd Class)
Troupe History:
1922 - 1931 Flower Troupe
1913 - 1922


1931: Nasuno / Kohada Maiden
1931: Toba Soujou
1931: The Sunken Bell / Police and Judicial Office
1930: The Rehabilitation of Urashima
1930: Heirloom Sword /The Drunken Concubine (Gui Fei Zui Jiu) / Princess Izutsu, Kuroudo Yukifusa
1930: Goku is Strong / The Melon Thief / Spring Dance
1930: The Subscription List / Broadway
1929: Nambanji Temple Journal / Cinderella
1929: Fushimi Rumour / Kamo Temple Visit
1929: Spring Dance
1929: Country and City / The Earless Kettle / Kotobuki Shiki Sanba / New York March
1928: Tale of Naughtiness / The Akita Girl / The Peninsula of Itako / Ura no Sedoya / Kappore / The Harem Palace
1928: Carp Streamers/ Spring Dance
1928: Missed Bride / The Kumasaka Chouhan Watching Pines
1927: Night Attack / The Hour of the Ox / Famous Places in Edo
1927: The Greedy Old Lady / Guzzler Yukikane / Mon Paris, Witch
1927: Migawari Nitta / Tsunemasa / Princess Ochikubo
1927: Takamura's Letter of Apology / Jikou / The Soga Brothers
1926: The Stone Trial / This is Strange / Which Is the Dream?
1926: Mt. Kurama / The Tale of the Rain-Obscured Moon
1926: Dance of Behaviour / The Three Cripples / Teika on the Night
1926: llusion / Henoheno Mohei / From Tobacco
1925: Two In One Hakama
1925: The Sad Tale of San Domingo / The Hakuchou Lady / The Wedding Agency, Congo Juango / Yoshidayuu / Hyman
1925: Departure for the Front / Cinemaster
1925: The Drunken Concubine (Gui Fei Zui Jiu) / From Spring to Autumn
1924: Kettle Priest / Viewpoint
1924: The Tale of Sakra devanam Indra / The King's Sword / Jest
1924: Blow the Flute
1923: The Matsuura Mirror
1923: River Mist / Public Prosecutor
1923: Sadatou's Wife
1923: Shitsusen
1922: Cabinet Minister Tourou
1922: Eminently Strong Youth / Rumour
1922: High Priest Enoki
1921: Ban Drumming
1921: From Spring to Autumn
1920: Red Rice Wine
1920: Kinpira Glasses
1920: Happiness Bubbling Over Like a Tea Kettle
1919: Lantern Island / Woman Doctor
1919: Shank's Mare / Refined Longevity Dance
1919: The Tutor / Manjusri and the Lion
1918: Kettle Priest
1918: Cleopatra
1916: Three Maidens from Damascus / Princess Chujo
1916: A Night in Venice, Sailor
1915: Hina Matsuri

Shinjin Kouen Roles

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Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

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  • One of Takarazuka's first stars
  • Mother of Takigawa Sueko (1954) and grandmother of Takigawa Sueko (1995)
  • Aunt of Natsukusa Akiko
  • Was the first kumichou of Flower Troupe, until 1931
  • Along with Takasago Matsuko, inspired Takarazuka's traditional pairing of black kimono with green hakama during formal affairs. In 1921, while shopping in Osaka's Shinsaibashi, the pair purchased and wore the outfits. Kobayashi Ichizou was so taken by the image that he adopted the look for Takarazuka.
  • The poem goes as 'Although a clief has separated streams of the Taki river (Takigawa), but parted streams (sue) would bend it round and be re-united'

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