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English Title: Redhead
Japanese Title: レッド・ヘッド
Romanized Title: Reddoheddo

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1988
Performances: Bow Hall, 2/28 - 3/15, Nippon Seinenkan, 5/9 - 5/18

Based On: Musical Redhead; book by Dorothy Fields, Herbert Fields, Sidney Sheldon and David Shaw, lyrics by Dorothy Fields, music by Albert Hague
Adapter/Director: Oota Tetsunori
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Hashimoto Kazuaki
Choreographer: Jim Clark

Available on DVD: No


Tom Baxter Mori Keaki
Essie Whimple Kanna Miho
George Poppett Ichiro Maki
Maude Simpson Chiga Teruko
Sarah Simpson Kachou Itsuki
Howard Cavanaugh Sara Kei
Sir Charles Willingham Mafue Hibiki
May Akitsu Yutaka
Tilly Natsuo Kaori
Inspector White Godai Katsura

Other Cast:
Yukihara Chinae, Takanashi Jun, Yuubi Kagari, Marika Nami, Mihama Juri, Katsura Asahi, Shioji Sayo, Yabuki Shou, Kitayama Rina, Wakou Hajime, Yuuzuki Mika, Shu Michiru, Akari Nami, Marioka Tomomi, Ozuki Sayuru, Natsuo Kaori, Takajou Kanou, Daishou Kaoru, Gojou Mai



(summary for the original Broadway version)

The enchanting story of Essie Whimple, a rather plain girl with a hyperactive imagination, provides the basis for a rare murder mystery musical and an impressive star turn for a captivating "triple-threat" performer.

When a young actress has been murdered in early 1900s London, the enterprising Simpson Sisters' Waxworks installs a tableau of the grisly deed. The exhibit offends muscle-bound actor Tom Baxter, who considered the deceased actress to be like a kid sister and with whom the Simpsons' excitable niece Essie promptly falls in love. Determined to see Tom again, Essie pretends she's been attacked by the murderer, and so begins a romantic, fast-paced adventure involving cunning disguises, spine-tingling chases, startling visions, an ill-fated show at the Odeon Music Hall, and a cold-blooded killer on the loose; not to mention some great songs and high-spirited dancing!

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