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Picture Credit: Caithion / 1951 Otome / 80th Anniversary Book

Standard Profile Information

Name: Koshiji Fubuki
Kanji: 越路吹雪
Current Troupe:
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Retired Star

Nickname: Kou-chan, Kosshii
Real Name: 内藤 美保子­ (Naitou Mihoko) (Her maiden name was Kouno 河野)
Height: 162 cm
Birthday: Feb. 18th, 1924
Blood Type:
Hometown: Nagano (Tokyo in 1951 Otome)
Favorite Food: meat, alcohol, persimmons, coffee
Favorite Flower: garbella
Favorite Colors: brown, green, yellow
Hobbies: listening to music, going to shows and movies, baseball
Special Talent: chansons
Origin of Stage Name:
Favorite Role: Saminton from The Mother Pagoda, Robert from A Fine Romance, Elmer from Glory in Hollywood
Would Like to Try Playing:

Class: 1937 (27th Class)
Debut: (1939) Takarazuka Flower Tale
Troupe History:
YEAR - 1951 Senka
YEAR - YEAR Flower Troupe
YEAR - YEAR Flower Troupe (Acting)
1939 - YEAR Flower Troupe (Dance)


1951: The Honeybee's Adventure / Spring Dance
1950: Blue in the Night / Swing High, Swing Low (Snow)
1950: Mon Ami / Spring Dance
1949: The Tale of the Rain-Obscured Moon / Prism Parade, Daduse
1949: Tokyo ・ New York (Star)
1949: Carmen / Nostalgic Arizona, Carmen / Luke
1949: Wonderful Holiday / Rose of Memory
1949: Hamlet / Boogie-Woogie Paris
1948: Kuzunoha / Adieu 1948 (all-troupe performance)
1948: The Sword Thief / In Your Heart Again, Korner
1948: Rustic Genji / Glory in Hollywood, Elmer / Genji
1948: Carrying a Letter / Rainbow Songs, Jirou / Tommy
1947: Manon Lescaut / Spring Dance: Flowers of the World, Fabien des Grieux
1947: Mon Paris, Kushida Fukutarou
1947: Four Dancing Seasons / Fine Romance, Robert
1946: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf / Autumn-Leaf Viewing / Sentimental Journey, Prince / Bill
1946: The Rose of Granada / Takarazuka Folies / Autumn-Leaf Viewing (Nagoya), Antonio / Singing Man
1946: The Rose of Granada / Summer Dances, Antonio
1946: Mexicana / Mimosa Flowers, Tivo / Andre
1944: Song of the Soldiers of Kyushu / Spy Extermination / Tied to a Stick / Vow to Take the Victory, Tarou
1943: Flag Fleet, Nakano Tokio
1943: Takara Sambaso / The Second Soldier / Tied to a Pole / The New Princess Kaguya (Moon)
1943: The Mother Pagoda, Saminton
1942: Home of My Heart, Raitarou
1939: Moroccan Leopard / Benkei in a Boat / Takarazuka Flower Tale (Moon)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

YEAR: Name of Performance, Name of Role

Concerts / Dinner Shows

1949: Boogie Woogie Tomoekuro, Singer (Koshiji Fubuki One Man Show)


  • Even though an otokoyaku, she played the female role of Carmen in the play of the same name.
  • Passed away in 1980.
  • In 2005, a japanese TV dorama called Onna no Ichidaiki was produced, which focussed on her life in one episode. Koshiji Fubuki was impersonated by no less than Amami Yuuki in this production.
  • In 2012 Sena Jun played her in the musical Last Dance 〜 the musical Koshiji Fubuki〜
  • she will be played by Takimoto Miori in the 2018 TV Asahi 'Obi Drama' The Story of Koshiji Fubuki.

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