I Love Einstein


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English Title: I Love Einstein
Japanese Title: アイラブアインシュタイン
Romanized Title: Ai Rabu Ainshutain

Troupe: Flower
Year: 2016
Performances: Bow Hall, 09/15 - 09/25

Based On:
Author/Director: Tani Takaya
Composer: Oota Takeshi
Choreographer: Wakao Risa, KAORIalive

Available on DVD: No


Albert (a genius scientist who invented the android)Seto Kazuya
Mileva (Albert's late wife)Ousaki Ayaka
Thomas (a scientist and close friend of Albert)Minami Maito
Elsa (an android with the vestiges of Mileva)Shiroki Mirei
Josef / Leo (national humanist labour party executive)Ema Naoki
Anne (Albert's android housemaid)Umesaki Ibu
Ferdinand (android production company president)Saezuki Runa
Eva (national humanist labour party executive)Shiraki Akari
Lieserl (Albert's android housemaid)Marika Yume
Hans (Albert's android butler)Tenma Michiru
Hermann (national humanist labour party executive)Kazumi Shou
Martin (national humanist labour party executive)Haryuu Mitsuki
Franz (national humanist labour party executive)Saebana Riona
Johann (an android boy)Asazuki Kiwa
Rudolf (national humanist labour party executive)Ayaki Hikari
Wolff / Eduard (national humanist labour party leader)Aren Touma

Other Cast: Sachika Seira, Mahou Tsugumi, Ouma Shion, Kureha Maki, Mineka Towa, Wakakusa Moeka, Haruya Yuuri, Itotsuki Yukiha, Izumi Maira, Hana Yuuki, Maiki Tsubasa, Sakino Mion, Mano Kazuma, and Rinka Mone.



In the mid-20th century, genius scientist Albert invented androids that are now living human lives. Albert lives a secluded life from most of society, yet one day an android named Elsa comes to him for help. A human movement against the androids who have taken their jobs is reaching its peak, and the androids are hoping to receive an ability to feel that will help them find a path to peaceful co-existence with the humans. Albert sees the face of his dead wife Mileva in Elsa, and borrowing the help of his fellow scientist Thomas he sets about the hard struggle to grant Elsa emotions. Albert is gradually taken with innocent and sweet Elsa, but Elsa is not capable of feeling "love." When Albert is asked what love is, and attempts to answer with how he loved Mileva and how he feels, he is somehow not able to recall....

"Ai" can stand for 愛 (Ai, love) and I (oneself). Seto Kazuya stars in this science fictional love story which is Tani Takaya's Bow Hall debut.

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