Green Sleeves

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English Title: Green Sleeves
Japanese Title: グリーン・スリーブス
Romanized Title: Guriin Suriibuzu

Troupe: Star
Year: 1987
Performances: Bow Hall, 8/28 - 9/15

Based On: Alison Uttley's novel "A Traveller in Time"
Author/Director: Oota Tetsunori
Composer: Yoshizaki Kenji, Hashimoto Kazuaki
Choreographer: Jim Clark

Available on DVD: No


Anthony BabingtonAsaji Saki
Mary Draycot (Anthony's fiancee, later wife)Akane Konomi
Rowena Babington (Anthony's mother)Chiga Teruko
Barnabus Tabener (Penelope's great uncle)Ritsu Tomomi
Ceciry Ann Taberner (Penelope's great aunt, Aunt Tissie) / Ceciry Taberner (Babington's housekeeper)Itsuki Chihiro
Jesse (farm hand)Aikou Mitsuru
Mrs. Kirby (a neighbor)Utashiki Ayaka
Sir Amias Paulet (jailor)Oosaki Mika
George Talbot, 6th Earl of ShrewsburySayuki Rei
Alison Taberner (Penelope's older sister)Sakura Riko
Tom Snowball (Babington servant)Kaikyou Hiroki
Sir Ralph SadlerUzuki Kei
Arabella Babington (Anthony's cousin)Hagoromo Ran
Francis Babington (Anthony's younger brother)Daiki Yuu
George Cameron (Ian's grandson)Matsukaze Ryou
Frank Carter (lawyer)Kouki Subaru
Mary Stuart, Queen of ScotsNoubu Mitsuko
Ian Taberner (Penelope's younger brother)Shijou Hikaru
Penelope Taberner (a time traveler from the 20th century)Aoyama Yukina

Other Cast: Kokonoe Haruka, Manaka Hikaru, Sagikusa Kaoru, Hagio Hitomi, Rei Mika, Miyabi Kei, Migusa Yuu, Nishiki Ai, Shouno Saki, Natsu Mariko, Emao Yuu



NOTE: Summary based on the novel and may not be completely accurate for the musical.

Penelope is a young lady from the 1930s who while living with her great aunt at Thackers is transported back into the 16th century. She becomes close to the Babington family, supporters of Mary, Queen of Scots. Despite knowing the outcome of the struggle, she is forced to watch events unfold....

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