Dawn of Lombardia

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English Title: Dawn of Lombardia -A Time When Love Was Restored-
Japanese Title: 暁のロンバルディア-愛が蘇るとき-
Romanized Title: Akatsuki no Ronbarudia -Ai ga Yomigaeru Toki-

Troupe: Star
Year: 1981
Performances: Bow Hall, 6/14 - 6/29

Based On:
Author/Director: Masatsuka Haruhiko
Composer: Terada Takio, Yoshizaki Kenji
Choreographer: Tsukasa Konomi

Available on DVD: No


François de RougemantMine Saori
Count ClémentShinjou Mayumi
AnnaAkishino Miho
SimoneArisu Miki
Queen SophiaMinakaze Mai

Other Cast: Taka Mario, Koujou Hiromi, Mio Hajime, Kiku Kaoru, Hyuuga Kaoru, Houjou Sayuri, Takase Mia, Natsumi You, Akeho Memi, Azumi Reika, Hayabusa Ren, Naoki Rie, Takumi Kou, Kasai Rika, Shion Yuu, Kamogawa Shibuki, Tama Miyuki, Waka Satsuki, Yayoji Ruka, Ashikawa Maki, Hishou Hikaru, Akedori Teruhi, Tamana Mei, Hanabusa Maki, Koei Kanako



Lombardia is an area of wide plains in the southern half of the Italian peninsula. The setting is the 16th century. Italy is not all one nation, but is made of of many independent city-states. The north of the peninsula is controlled by France and the Holy Roman Empire.

François de Rougemant is the second son of a rural French noble family who is serving at the Louvre Palace in Paris. He is unaccustomed to life at the royal court, and is unexpectedly challenged to a duel. He wins the duel, but his opponent was from a powerful family, and he fears retribution.

Count Clément, who served as his second in the duel, advises him to flee. "Right now, all of Europe is a battle ground. There is a more appropriate world for you than a palace, I believe."

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