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English Title: A/L -The Younger Days of Phantom Thief Lupin-
Japanese Title: A/L(アール)-怪盗ルパンの青春
Romanized Title: A/L -Kaitou Rupan no Seishun-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2007
Performances: Theater Drama City, 3/15 - 3/27; Nippon Seinenkan, 4/1 - 4/8; Chunichi Theater, 4/13 - 4/15

Based On: Maurice Leblanc's character Arsène Lupin
Author/Director: Saitou Yoshimasa

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 5/20/07)
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


(name romanizations are guesses)

Raoul Balain - A/L (an intelligent student of science at Sorbonne University; actually the Phantom Thief Lupin)Yamato Yuuga
Agnes de Soupise (a ballerina with high hopes for her future; a tomboy)Hizuki Hana
Henriette (Raoul's mother; a servant of the Soupise household)Kou Akemi
Doctor Gosse (an advisor in the society for scientific research whom Raoul and his friends study under)Kotobuki Tsukasa
Countess de Soupise (Agnes' mother; owner of the Queen's necklace)Suzuna Saya
Detective Milo Ganimard (a competent? detective of the Paris City Police pursuing Lupin)Hatsune Mayo
Victoire Leblanc (author of the novel The Gentleman Thief; Raoul's guardian)Mikaze Maira
Count Louis Antoine Leonne (a wealthy man; Agnes' fiance)Yuumi Hiro
Sherlock Holmes (a great detective come from London)Hokushou Kairi
Cardinal Rouin (a cousin of the Soupise family)Toki Irisu
Eva Rolan (the belle of the university; continually chasing after fine men like Louis and Lupin)Kazune Miou
Count de SoupiseNatsu Hiromi
Joe Watson (Sherlock Holmes' partner)Harukaze Misato
Henriette (in the past)Ayuse Mito
Raoul (as a child)Mimaki Sakyou
Agnes (as a child)Chisuzu Mayu
Donis CandelaSagiri Seina
Mimi GarterKarin Moyuru
Miledie SanclercHanatsuyu Sumika
Virgil MorganAsane Satsuto
Peline FleuHimiya Sakura
Detective JacotNanami Hiroki
Pierre CalpinMiyabi Ouka
Jeanie PapinMoeno Riria
Colette PetitKotoha Sakurako
Giles IsmierSouma Neo
Giselle MicouMomochi Ito



19th-century Paris. At a certain aristocrat's home, the theft of a necklace occurs. Because of this a maid and her son Raoul are turned out of the house; ten years later, he has become a prodigy at Sorbonne University and is popular around the city. The nanny who has been looking after him, Victoire, is an author; her novel The Gentleman Thief becomes a best-seller and the protagonist Arsène Lupin is loved as an idol by the people. But the book is prohibited from sale, and in order to save his aunt and to have his revenge on those responsible for the earlier incident, Raoul hits upon the idea of becoming Arsène Lupin. He once again meets Agnes, whom he served in the aristocrat's home, and together they realize their love for each other.

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