Hiyori Haruma



Picture Credit: Zaraphena | Otome 2015

Standard Profile Information

Name: Hiyori Haruma
Kanji: 日和 春磨
Current Troupe: Snow
Role: Otokoyaku
Status: Current

Nickname: Izumiko
Height: 170 cm
Birthday: June 11th
Blood Type:
Hometown: Matsudo, Chiba
Favorite Food: Pumpkin, ice cream
Favorite Flower: Lilac
Favorite Colors: Purple, emerald green
Hobbies: Drawing pictures of animals
Collections: DVDs of foreign movies, Tricolor goods
Special Talent: Piano
Origin of Stage Name: Got one character from a former teacher and advice from many people
Favorite Role:
Would Like to Try Playing: Lucheni from Elisabeth

Debut: 2015 (101st Class) 1789: The Lovers of Bastille
Troupe History:
2015 - Current Snow Troupe


2019: When the Last Sword Is Drawn / Music Revolution!
2019: PR×PRince (Bow Hall), Will
2018-19: Phantom, Phantom's Follower (understudy replacement for Houka Haruna) ‡
2018: Arch of Triumph / Gato Bonito!!, Black Shadow
2018: Yoshitsune and the Fox Spirit (Bow Hall)
2017-18: A Passage Through the Light ~Maximilien Robespierre, the Revolutionary~ / Super Voyager!
2017: In the Amber-Hued Rain / "D"ramatic S (National Tour), Paul
2017: The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate / Dramatic 'S'!, Genpei (understudy replacement for Agata Sen) †
2017: One Night of Stars / Greatest Hits! (Chunichi), Inatsugi Kanshirou, Toudou Kouya
2016: Caleb Hunt, Private Eye / Greatest Hits!
2016: Roman Holiday (Chunichi / Akasaka / Umeda Arts)
2016: The Wanderer Kenshin
2015: Sorrowful Córdoba / La Esmeralda (National Tour), Lope
2015: One Night of Stars / La Esmeralda
2015: 1789: The Lovers of Bastille (Grand Theater)

Shinjin Kouen Roles

2018-19: Phantom, Phantom's Follower
2018: Arch of Triumph, Markus Meyer
2017-18: A Passage Through the Light ~Maximilien Robespierre, the Revolutionary~, General Dumouriez, Marie-Anne’s lover
2017: The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate, Yamato Yahachirou
2016: Caleb Hunt, Private Eye
2016: The Wanderer Kenshin, Hannya
2015: One Night of Stars, Eiji

Concerts, Dinner Shows, and Special Performances

YEAR: Name of Show


  • † When Ayakaze Sakina was absent from the Grand Theater run of The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate due to illness from 04/21 - 04/25, Towaki Sea filled in as Tokusaburou while Agata Sen played Seishichi (Towaki’s original role) and Hiyori Haruma played Genpei (Agata’s original role).
  • ‡ Due to illness, Souno Haruto was absent from Phantom from Jan. 30th - Feb. 4th, 2019. Houka Haruna understudied her role of Jean-Claude, and Hiyori Haruma covered Houka's role of Phantom's Follower on Jan. 30th only. See the Phantom page for more details.
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