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TakaWiki will be down starting on Boxing Day, probably for 3-4 days

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Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, things have gotten a bit jinky.

Now that I'm on holiday for two uninterrupted weeks I'm planning to (1) fix the shoutbox problem that is affecting the sidebar and (2) fix the tikiwiki software upgrade problem.

The upgrade process will require the entire site to be down for a few days, which may become longer as I trouble-shoot. I'm waiting until after Christmas to do it because I know a lot of people use it over the holidays, but I don't want to wait too long so I picked the day after Christmas (Dec. 26th) to start.

I'll be backing up the database and website today and tomorrow, just in case anything goes FUBAR. So I recommend not adding or editing anything major from now until after the New Year, in case it gets lost during the process.

As always, updates and such can be found at the Takawiki news site while the TakaWiki is down.


Thanks for all your support and understanding.
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Hi all,

As you may have noticed, the wiki is back up. Hurrah!

We're still on 18.1 after encountering some unforeseen issues. We had to fall back to a previous version of the database due to some irreversible changes in the upgrade scripts that failed to complete.

On the plus side, the database has been rebuilt. In the process, we've cleared out almost 12 million rows of superfluous logging (Did you know that on May 10th, 2009, there were 139 hits to Sena Jun's wiki page? The database did.) and identified/fixed some of the blocking issues with upgrading to 20.0; stay tuned for an update on when we'll be implementing that. We should only be down for a day — possibly only a few hours, if things go swimmingly — for that upgrade.

You might note that everyone's user icons have been corrupted. Whoops! Unintended but semi-anticipated side effect of changing database encoding. Feel free to reupload!

On that note, you're welcome to edit pages, upload images, and go back to business as usual. If you encounter any weirdness, let us know right away.

And, as always, make sure to give a huge thanks to Jen for keeping the wiki up and running all these years. It's been a massive community effort, but we wouldn't have the wiki without her!

Happy New Year!
~ Helena