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Sagiri Seina fans: Seriously, if you haven't got the 'Memorial Book'. GO GET IT.

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I just received this in the mail yesterday evening. HOLY MOLEY. This is the Sagiri Seina BIBLE. Basically the people at TCA compiled as many interesting GRAPH and Kageki articles, interviews, photos, her columns, calendar pics, photoshoot pics, show pics, friend pics, kiddy pics etc. And put it altogether in ONE. MEGA. SCRAPBOOK. And of course there's her last photoshoot pics at the front of the book.

This is the 'This is your Takarazuka Life' mega book. And it is SO MUCH FUN to read, and also you won't have to go hunt for every GRAPH, Kageki magazine to get the best articles!

Sagiri talks about all sorts of stuff from anecdotes, work, stuff she watches on TV, books she's read, stuff she collects, to places she's been on vacation, to stuff about her hometown of Sasebo (and what to do there), it's tons of fun. Man, 17 years of stuff sure is crazy to curate and put together, but seriously it is THE BEST stuff. Incredibly impressive, mammoth effort by the folks at TCA for putting this altogether!

So do grab it while it's still available!

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I will try to translate the more interesting stuff when I have time... (so many things to translate, so little time..)
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