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Sagiri Seina 'Knock on the Door' - Let's talk about numbers (GRAPH Sept 2013) - translation

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So this was a GRAPH page I came across on online that I thought was quite interesting when I was reading it, and then while I was translating, it got even more interesting, even though its an older quick question style chat.

What really surprised me was the bit about the TV shows. Because let me just say, Japan and Asia in general is rather conservative with things related to homosexuality. But it's like you can have comedians being flamboyant, funny, outspoken and blunt on TV, cross dress and the works. BUT it's like that's reserved only for TV land and entertainers. In regular society, Japanese and Asians in general don't like to talk about homosexuality, because its regarded as very shameful. So though certain cities do allow gay marriage in Japan (Yes, Takarazuka City being one of them!) the rest of Japan is still very conservative about this stuff. Yes, the LGBTQ community does exist in pockets, they do have pride parades, the younger generation are rather accepting of the LGBTQ community but the rest of Japan really doesn't like to talk about it.

So the fact that Sagiri isn't afraid to say she's a fan of Matsuko Deluxe and watches a number of his shows, that really tells a lot about who Sagiri is as a person. She's not afraid of what people will think of her, she accepts and loves people as they are, she respects people's talents and different professions, I think that is very brave of her to mention those shows because, she could have said anything else, but she wanted to say 'hey, I'm a fan of these shows, I love watching them, it makes me happy'. and if people have a problem with that, stuff 'em.
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Well naturally I'm bias because I'm a fan, I agree perhaps it was a stretch to assume a world view on the basis of liking a mainstream TV show. Basically we will never know how any celeb is like in real life unless they publicly mention their stance, I respect Sagiri as a person and as an entertainer and I apologize for making such assumptions. I over read into it and I apologize. Cheers guys!
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I think it's a bit much to make such sweeping assumptions about a person - whom you don't personally know - and their worldview just based on the passing mention of a (very popular) TV show that they mention they like. I'm not familiar with the show, but if it is that mainstream and popular, it's not at all novel or "brave" of her to mention it.

Which isn't to knock Chigi in any way - like, I'm sure she's a wonderful person! - but you can't really claim that she holds such opinions because she mentioned she's a fan of a mainstream variety show, particularly since it doesn't really have anything to do with LGBTQ issues at all. Unless she comes out and explicitly states her thoughts on LGBTQ people, you can't say how she feels about them and shouldn't assume one way or the other until then.

I mean - I'm glad that you personally feel that appreciating an LGBTQ actor/entertainer/personality and their work is equivalent to also supporting LGBTQ people - that's great! - but unfortunately not everyone thinks that way. :(
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Oh yeah, Matsuko Deluxe is a regular face on JP TV and is very much in JP public consciousness and he has a lot of mainstream fans. The talk shows he hosts and the guests he gets on the show are interesting in a way they're not your conventional JP folk, they're quirky in their own peculiar ways. The variety shows are also honest, laid back and explore all sorts of topics and yeah they don't actively talk about LGBT issues. Like here's an example of what goes on on 'Monday Late Night' http://japaneselevelup.com/getsuyo-kara-yofukashi-best-variety-show-ever/

I guess how I read it is, if you say you're a fan of Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ellen Degeneres for example who are all great news commentators and talk show hosts, means you like their work, their personality and how they think. Of course to what degree you agree with their personal life is up to individuals. But I guess it's a funny thing when you say you support someone or are a fan of what they do, and I cite myself as a personal example. Where a female acquaintance asked me once 'Which celebrity do I admire?' and I casually said 'Oh I like Ellen Degeneres, I think she's cool and funny' and immediately that person went 'Oh, but she's gay right?'

I feel it is kind of a grey area and I'll leave it up to individuals to perceive but Sagiri could have mentioned any other TV show like about animals, or cake making or anything else. So yeah I mean, that's how I feel.
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Just so we're all on the same page here, Matsuko Deluxe is one of Japan's biggest tv personas right now.
There's a tv variety show with him as the main MC for 6/7 days of the week, and he's topped various rankings about influential tv personas multiple times.
Last year he appeared in commercials for 12 different brands including names like Toyota, Japan Post, P&G and NTT Communications.
He is indeed very outspoken and his sharp tongue is one of his biggest selling points, but there really is nothing radical about saying you're his fan and watching the programs he hosts (which btw, most of the time do not even talk about LGBT issues). To my knowledge, he is popular with tons of people in Japan, from all kinds of age brackets and backgrounds.