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Actresses and Shows

Found on the Internets: Press preview of 'Hanna's Florist' by Flower, Highlights from 'All for One' by Moon, Practice vid Rei Makoto's show 'Aterui'

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Press preview of 'Hanna's Florist' by Flower. Gosh darn it Asumi! I turn into a puddle of mush when I hear her sing.

Highlights from 'All for One' by Moon @ Grand Theater. Looks like tons of fun. Is it me or Moon is kind of going for the 'big and lavish western period' kinda shows? Also, dat hair flip from Miya during the bar fight scene! Tsukishiro Kanato (ported from Snow) seems super badass! Is it me or does Moon seem more chill now especially during the post show introductions etc.

Practice vid from Rei Makoto's show, Aterui. So much 'testosterone' from everyone at team Star!
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A few people have been concerned because many of these links seem to be illegal copies. May I add that some of them are available on the official Takarazuka Revue YouTube channel?

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ah nuts. here's the link for Aterui

Thanks for letting me know!
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Your link for Aterui is the same as Hanna's Florist. I feel the same way for Asumi.