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Sagiri Seina's Last Interview - GRAPH July 2017 - translation

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Sorry, been slow with the translations because life stuff. Also, this is one whopper of an interview in terms of volume of text.

I really like this interview because it's so incredibly honest and very cool that the editors chose to leave that stuff in. They could have easily taken out a lot but they didn't. Or I dunno, it's media, nothing is really the truth eh. But still, it seems very heartfelt to me.

As a Sagiri fan, it really has shown me a different side of her, a more well rounded, vulnerable but complete side. That like anyone else, she feels insecure, has feelings of inadequacy, feels impatient, frustrated, and also has a mad desire and drive to want to do better, progress and be the best that she can be.

I think as much as she liked and respected Otozuki Kei, she also felt intimidated by her because she felt Kei was too good and probably had a mad following at the time. I think Sagiri felt her chances at succession were dashed during Kei's reign, which explains why she was kind of flip flopping on productions as she didn't feel really motivated, until she got her wake up call. And when Otozuki moved on, she felt she had a better chance under Saou Kurama's reign. And it was also amusing that though there is that glimmer of ambition, the 'I want to be THE queen' moment, Sagiri had a backup plan, the 'well if I don't get Top Star, I'm still glad to be an Otokoyaku'

And I like that she's honest and said that originally, she and Sakihi didn't have chemistry and had to work on it.

Also very funny that she still has 'Elvish Type' complex. And she was honest that she said she had had a body type complex, I mean, ya, she's like full blown Ectomorph (skinny build) but she wished she was a Mesomorph (muscular build).