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Actresses and Shows

Fun videos on the internets: Fans do a Zuka photoshoot of 'Me and My Gal'!, Sagiri Seina collects postcards at the GT demachi a day before the final show, 1.5h Sagiri Seina commentary special, ChigiMiyu's final 'Yay or Nay' segment

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Fans do an epic level fan photoshoot of 'Me and My Gal' in Zuka cosplay! Very very cool

If you're curious as to how the Demachi business works, check out how Sagiri Seina collects the fan postcards at the Grand Theater the day before the final performance. Look how organized it is!

Sagiri Seina's 1.5h commentary on her grand theater final show and a commentary of her roles over the years. Yeah this is pretty hardcore to understand, no subs but it's pretty awesome.

Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu's final 'Yay or Nay' segment.

tried to translate:

Do your dreams have a story? Sagiri Yes, Sakihi Nope,
Did you argue with your siblings? Sagiri and Sakihi Yes
When you go on holiday, do you have a lot of bags? Sagiri No, Sakihi Yes
You can't sleep on the day before a premiere. Sagiri and Sakihi Yes

Have you had an incident where you lost something and freaked out? Sagiri and Sakihi Yes
Do you choose someone in the audience to flirt wink at? Sagiri No, Sakihi Yes
Do you prefer the countryside over the city? Sagiri Yes, Sakihi No (after some deliberation)
Have you managed to pull off a really good prank? Sagiri Yes, Sakihi No

Sagiri's freak out incident about nearly losing her flip phone
Basically Sagiri says she flipped out because she thought she lost her flip phone after a tea party event and the cab driver tried to help her find it, it turned out her flip phone was in her hoodie.

Sakihi's freak out incident when her swimming costume skirt drifted away at sea
Sakihi says when she was in grade school, she and her little sis had these 2 piece swimming costumes (Sagiri chimes in 'a Bikini?') and they were swimming in the sea but for some reason her skirt came off and she watched it drift away to sea....so she freaked out and cried because there was no way she could recover it.
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