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Origin of Yukigumi Phrase

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So I've seen a particular phrase pop up several times throughout different shows that Yukigumi uses: 雪組成功‼︎ ("Yukigumi seikō!!" or "Snow Troupe success!!"). The earliest use of this phrase that I have seen was in Rock On! but I wasn't sure if it originated from that or if it was used even earlier.

Also do other troupes have phrases that they use for their troupe or a little inside joke that gets passed down through generations? I'm genuinely curious.
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Hmmm, that's an awesome question. I'd love to hear what everyone has to say about their troupes.

I know I hear a lot of 「〇〇〇組最高!」 "xxx-gumi saikō!" ("xxx Troupe is the best!") in speeches. That's more of just loving their troupes, though, I think. I haven't watched a lot of Yukigumi lately so I haven't noticed the seikō.

Tsukigumi has a thing where they all jump together on the final night of a show. Enoki Touya started that with her retirement speech after Elisabeth in '09 and they've done it every show since.

Tsukigumi also has a tradition of doing one or two shows where they wear random afro wigs during a couple of scenes in the revue show in the Grand and Tokyo Theaters. It used to only be during kashikiri shows, but they're doing it randomly now. I'm not sure exactly when that started. It bled out into the Sports Festivals, where you can see them wearing them in the 90th and the 100th. It makes more sense as an in-joke if you realize that's a thing they do during shows too. XD