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Hoshigumi Romeo and Juliette 2010, HELP!!

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hello everyone
I hope I'm posting this to the right place, sorry if I'm not :s

I going to Japan this summer and I want to see Romeo and Juliette!
since money is not a case I want seats on the front the 8500Yen ones
but how can I buy them? now so to actually find a seat on the front??
the tickets are already up on the Hakataza theater's website, since friday or so for the August performances.
the point is, can I buy online since I am a foreigner?
If not, is there any other way to get tickets before go to Japan?
please tell me if you know a way, I want to see the show from a front seat.
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> Could I suggest perhaps sitting a few rows back - perhaps the 7th or 8th to get the best view of the whole show?

thanks for the reply and suggestion!
I was actually thinking of 4th-5th row from the beginning since I think it's impossible to find tickets for the first row in the first place :P who knows though
I'll be in Fukuoka at 10th to 12th and I'm thinking of going to the theater at 11th august there are still plenty of tickets that day since there are circles on that date for both performances for the A class seats.
the only thing I have to do now is to call the hotel and ask them if they can book the tickets for me, if not I'll ask my teacher who is going at the middle of July to buy them for me!
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I want seats on the front

Could I suggest perhaps sitting a few rows back - perhaps the 7th or 8th to get the best view of the whole show? I have sat at the front and the view of the central part of the stage is wonderful, but oftentimes the action off to the side where the trapdoors are can be pivotal to comprehension.
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Thank you for taking the time to replay me!
Front Row would be heaven, but if it is 2nd,3rd, 6th it is also Okay :)
I asked my Teacher yesterday about the paying online with a foreign card, and she told me that most of the times they do not accept the cards. And since it is impossible to by a DVD from the official Takarazuka online store, imagine tickets!

I was thinking of another option, that I could ask the hotel I'm going to book, to buy them for me and have Hakataza send them to the hotel, and when I'll arrive, picking them up from the hotel!
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The only way to guarantee getting a specific seat (for example, "in the first row"), is to go to the box office where you can choose the exact seat you want (or make a phone reservation by calling the box office within ten days of the show you want to see), or to buy a first row ticket that someone is scalping on the internet.

Buying online, you can only specify that you want "A" or "B", and it will give you the best seats that particular ticket corporation has — usually NOT the front row.

On the phone or online: http://www.hakataza.co.jp/ticket/index.html

I've never tried a foreign credit card with the online ticket services they use, so I don't know if they will accept foreign credit cards or not.

Scalped tickets you can find on Yahoo!auctions Japan or ticket.co.jp, etc. Of course, with scalped tickets you are always taking a chance on whether the seller is honest.