sashi-ire (差し入れ): "provisions"; "refreshments"

The concept of sashi-ire is very important to seito and fan clubs in Takarazuka culture. Because Takarasiennes do not make a high-paying salary, they often receive additional support from fans.

"Sashi-ire" can mean money, food items or any other gift, depending on the context. Fans who deliver sashi-ire to the stage door are usually leaving food or a present for their star. Clubs who ask for sashi-ire are almost always requesting money donations which, in turn, may be used to provide food or drinks for the star.

Some fan clubs, especially those of top otokoyaku and other popular stars, may require members to contribute sashi-ire. This is often the case when buying tickets (see kaiseki) — the club may ask for an additional 500 to 1000 yen per ticket ordered. In other cases, clubs simply encourage members to donate as much as they wish and leave a field for sashi-ire money on the ticket form.

Depending on the way the club is run, those who contribute a large amount of sashi-ire may receive more influence / status in the club.

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