kaiseki (会席­): literally, "club seat"

One of the privileges of being a fan club member is the ability to order tickets through the club. Depending on the popularity of a performance these tickets can be very good seats, or, on the other hand, canceled due to unavailability. A very lucky fan may receive an SS ticket — sometimes the star's personally-assigned seats (see seito-seki).

A club usually obtains tickets through a combination of seito-seki, applying for tickets through Tomo no Kai, sharing tickets with other clubs, or simply buying them from the box office. The standard kaiseki is an S seat, but depending on availability it may be changed to an A or B seat (especially for souken) — or, rarely, "upgraded" to SS. Club members are expected to pay ticket prices accordingly. Some clubs give the option of ordering A or B seats; others do not. For this reason, not all members can afford to order every ticket through the club, while others feel obligated to do so.

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