otokoyaku juunen (男役10年): "10 years to a male role"

A saying among the Takarasiennes, referring to the fact that it takes an otokoyaku about ten years to achieve top star status, because the competition is so fierce.
Nowadays new top stars are usually chosen among prominent otokoyaku of ken-10 and above (mostly ken-11 - ken-14) as it takes time for an actress to gain experience and popularity and try various roles. It was not so before the early 80es, when the top star system was officially established - for example, Ootori Ran began her top star career at ken-8, Migiwa Natsuko at ken-9, and stars of 50es-60es even earlier. However, in some cases it still takes a Takarasienne 15 years and more to become a top star (as Oozora Yuuhi or Hokushou Kairi), and in some cases 8-9 years (as Amami Yuuki or Tamaki Ryou).

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