graduation (卒業 sotsugyou): When an actress retires from the Takarazuka stage she is said to "graduate", since all performers are considered seito or "students" for the duration of their time in the Revue. Retired members of the Revue are sometimes referred to as "sotsugyousei" or "graduates".

A graduation ceremony usually takes place at that performer's last show. After the final performance, graduates descend the Grand Staircase wearing traditional black haori and green hakama, and are given bouquets of flowers by representatives of their troupe and class. They also give a farewell speech to the audience. When top stars graduate, the ceremony is often followed by a motorcade where the star is driven away in an open car so she can wave goodbye to all her fans. The top star's final day is also released on DVD in a series called "The Last Day".

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