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English Title: Asaji Saki Dinner Show "World Time"
Japanese Title: 麻路さきディナーショー "ワールド・タイム"
Romanized Title: Asaji Saki Dinaa Shou "Waarudo Taimu"

Troupe: Star Troupe
Year: 1998
Performances: Takarazuka Hotel, 1/14 - 1/15; Palace Hotel, 1/19 - 1/20; Hotel Nagoya Castle, 1/26 - 1/27

Based On:
Conductor (Takarazuka):
Conductor (Tokyo):
Shinjin Kouen Director:

Available on DVD: VHS Only


Performed by Asaji Saki and Hoshina Yuri


The show starts with Yuri-chan as an airhostess explaining the safety features of the hall, and getting trapped in a life-jacket. Saki - the obnoxious passenger - pushes her way loudly through the crowded hall, weaving between the tables to whoops and cheers from fans.

She proceeds to demand all the best attention, and even the champagne she feels she should get before the lights go down and show begins, a whistlestop tour of some of her favourite songs by country. It begins with a stop in Spain and her singing En Aranjuez con tu Amor.

It is followed by Periferia and river of No Return, but the wacky returns with Yuri-chan's impression of Marilyn Monroe singing 'The Seven Year Itch'. She's just getting into it in a big way when Saki - as Elvis in military-kit, no less - barges back out to the strains of 'Hound Dog'.

The irate Yuri-chan then chastises Mariko, who takes it about as seriously as being savaged by a toothless kitten. However, they decide the only way to decide who is the better star is to have a Talent-Off. Thus, we have Mariko's as-yet-unrevealed skills with a Yoyo and Yuri-chan's sultry 'Happy Birthday' to one of the guests.

They decide it is only fitting that a duet is a good way to show solidarity after some more bickering, and start a duet. Of course, Mariko being awesome, manages to play faster and faster with 10 digits than Yuri-chan with two. Yuri flails off in a snit, leaving Mariko to accompany herself in a rendition of 'As Time Goes By'.

To up the mood a bit, she follows it with a cheerful rendition of Papalagi.

Yuri-chan then returns and proves why she and Mariko should have had more shows as Top Combi, as they proceed to set the stage on fire with a sizzling tango, which ends with both Yuri's legs up around Mariko's neck and back, which Mariko whirls them around. SRS BIZNESS!!!

It's followed by a duet from Love at Dal Lake and then 'Fried Rice Paradise', with flashy lights and excitement. The tone grows a bit more serious with 'The Way That It Should Be', then Mariko shows yet another talent by performing a song of her own composition to great applause.

The show ends on 'We're All Alone', and Mariko has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand once more.

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