Merry Shannon


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Standard Profile Information

Name: Merry Shannon
Current Troupe: Moon Troupe - Jun Sena is GOD.
Role: Otokoyaku Wannabe
Status: TakaWiki Admin and unapologetic Takarazuka addict.

Nickname: Meg
Height: 177 cm (5'10")
Birthday: 6/12/79
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Favorite Food: french onion soup, chicken fried steak, crab legs
Favorite Flower: anything yellow; roses, tulips, lilies, daffodils
Favorite Colors: yellow, blue, black, white, beige
Hobbies: writing, cosplay, watching Takarazuka, thinking about Takarazuka, spending money on Takarazuka...
Collections: Takarazuka stuff. Lesbian romance novels by Bold Strokes Books.
Special Talent: I can change the brake pads on my car all by myself. :P
Origin of Stage Name: My parents were originally going to name me Merry Shannon after my two grandmothers, Mary Ward and Shannon Adams.
Favorite Role: Haruno Sumire's Death in Flower Troupe's Elisabeth.
Would Like to Try Playing: with Sena Jun's hair. >D Or any other part of her, for that matter.

Fan Debut: 2004 - Star Troupe's Rose of Versailles 2001.
Favorite Troupe History:
2004 - 2005 Star Troupe - Minoru Ko
2005 Flower Troupe - Haruno Sumire
2006 Moon Troupe - Sena Jun


I also write lesbian romance novels. My first book, Sword of the Guardian, was released in April 2006 from Bold Strokes Books.

I have a LiveJournal and a personal website at MerryShannon.com.

And I am blatantly stealing the idea for this profile from my other far more brilliant friends who did it first. :P