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The Land of Smiles

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English Title: The Land of Smiles
Japanese Title: 微笑みの国
Romanized Title: Hohoemi no Kuni

Troupe: Snow
Year: 1991-92
Performances: Bow Hall, 4/27 - 5/11; Yuupouto Postal Life Insurance Hall (Tokyo), 5/25 - 5/28; Nagoya, 5/30 - 6/1

Based On: The Land of Smiles (Das Land des Lächelns), a 'romantic' operetta by Franz Lehár
Original Composition: Franz Lehár
Original Libretto: Ludwig Herzer, Fritz Löhner
Script Adaption/Translation/Direction: Murakami Nobuo
Music Supervisor: Yoshizaki Kenji
Music Arrangement: Hashimoto Kazuaki
Choreographer: Shou Sumire

Available on DVD: No


Prince Sou-Chong (Imperial prince of China)Ichiro Maki
Lisa (Count Ferdinand Lichtenfels' daughter)Junna Risa
Count Gustav von Pottenstein (nicknamed Gustl, first lieutenant of the dragoons)Wao Youka
Count Ferdinand Lichtenfels (Army field marshal)Kodai Mizuki
Princess Mi (Sou-Chong's sister)Nagisa Aki
Tschang (Sou-Chong's uncle)Ebira Kaoru
Chief Eunuch TongAmi Jun
General Hardegg (Gustl's uncle)Chiya Akira
Princess Hardegg (Gustl's aunt) / Dowager EmpressHaruno Wakaba
Fu-Ling (Attache secretary of China) / Nan (Eunuch)Yabuki Shou
FranziDaishou Kaoru
FritzAsakage Rui
MitziShu Michiru
HansOzuki Sayuru
Lore (Lisa's niece)Misuzu Ririka
ToniKojou Ran
KarlHayase Shouma
FiniMiho Keiko
SchmittTakakura Kyou
ValliNakahara Kurea
ErichKaede Saki

Other Cast: Kouzuki Mari, Kasai Hitomi, Kirishima Ruka, Mayo Sakura, Ounami Tsubasa, Kotobuki Tsukasa, Midori Hanaka, Amaki Kaori



Original operetta summary from Wikipedia:

The operetta is set in Vienna and China in 1912. In Act I, in Vienna, the heroine Lisa, a Countess, marries a Chinese prince and returns with him to his homeland despite the warnings of her friends and family. In Act II, in Beijing, she finds that she is unable to come to terms with his culture, and especially that he must take other wives. He assures her that it's just a formality, but unhappiness is inevitable, and she is locked in the palace. Her love changes to hate. In Act III, Prince Sou-Chong is left alone, while his beloved Lisa returns to her homeland. His sister, Princess Mi had also become attached to the Viennese official Gustav, and so the ending is doubly sad. But the prince respects the custom of his country: Always keep smiling.

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