The Great Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney 2023 Chirashi

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English Title: The Great Ace Attorney -The Truth Comes Back to Life Anew-
Japanese Title: 『大逆転裁判』 -新・蘇る真実-
Romanized Title: Dai Gyakuten Saiban -Shin・Yomigaeru Shinjitsu-

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2023
Performances: Drama City, 07/19 - 07/26; KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, 08/01 - 08/08

Based On: Capcom's The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles video games
Author/Director: Suzuki Kei

Available on Blu-Ray: Yes (release date 10/19/23)
Available on DVD: No
Scene/Music Cut: No


Naruhodo Ryuunosuke Rukaze Hikaru
Mikotoba Susato Yamabuki Hibari
Sherlock Holmes Takato Chiaki
Brad Menixon Natori Rei (Senka)
Hart Vortex Akina Rui
Queen Victoria Koharuno Sayo
Barok van Zieks Yuuki Shion
Nina Jones Amairo Mineri
Female Juror (Psychic Medium) Mizune Shiho
Asougi Kazuma Kazeiro Hyuuga
Natsume Souseki Oumi Runo
Secretary Kanna Himari
Female Juror (Citizen) Ayahi Hana
Presiding Judge Arashino Shin
Male Juror (Clown) Hiiro Fuuka
Female Juror (Noblewoman) Aimi Sara
Iris Watson Misei Hanna
Male Juror (Hotel Man) Aoi Yuuki
Tobias Gregson Houjou Noan

Other Cast: Kazahane Saki, Nao Reito, Sumino Tsumugi, Akane Ryou, Karen Komachi, Riren Ayame, Shinagi Sakuto, Asahina Ten, Fuuri Kano, Soraki Shiyuu



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The 4th installment of Takarazuka Revue x Gyakuten Saiban is a stage adaptation of the blockbuster work "Great Gyakuten Saiban" featuring Ryunosuke Naruhodo, the ancestor of the main character of the "Gyakuten Saiban" series, Ryuichi Naruhodo.
"Gyakuten Saiban", a game set in a courtroom where you uncover the truth of a case in order to save a client accused of a crime, is a very popular series with cumulative sales of over 9.8 million copies. Its unique characters and carefully crafted story development have garnered tremendous support, and it has been adapted not only within the framework of games, but also in movies and TV animation. Takarazuka Revue premiered the play with the Cosmos Troupe in 2009, then performed "Gyakuten Saiban 2" in the same year and "Gyakuten Saiban 3" in 2013, both of which were popular works that received great acclaim.
Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a university student who aspires to become a lawyer, travels from the Meiji era Empire of Japan to the British Empire just before the World's Fair in order to learn about the latest judicial system. Ryunosuke gets involved in difficult cases one after another, and together with his legal assistant Satoshi Kotobuki, he stands up for his clients, but then the great detective of the century, Herlock Sholmes, shows up... From the famous line "I have an objection!" to an exciting court battle that overturns a desperate situation, a new truth will be brought back to life this summer!

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